Devanshee Dave

Content Writer and Consultant, Financial Planning Content Specialist
Devanshree has over 4 years of experience in financial planning writing and a master’s degree in mass communication & journalism. In her spare time, she likes to dance and learn about cosmology, astronomy and anything that can expand her knowledge from the big bang to the big crunch.


PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism



Content writing
Content research
Personal finance and financial planning content expert

Articles written by Devanshee Dave

How to cancel a lost or stolen check

How to Transfer Money From Bank to Bank in Few Steps

If you want to transfer money online, you need to establish a link between the two accounts involved. Bank transfers are common for people who own both a checking account and savings account in the same or different banks.

How to Write a Check: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Ever faced with what you need to write on a check? Here are all the dos and don'ts that goes into writing a check.

How to Make Money on TikTok | Beem

TikTok was launched in China in 2016 under the name Douyin. Later in 2018, it was launched in the United States. Did you know you can make money from it?

How to get started on your credit journey

A good credit score can help you in various things such as opting for an education loan, getting a home loan, buying a car using credit, or just as simple as opting for a credit card. You can get a secured credit card easily when you are just starting your credit journey.

Credit Score: Everything you need to know in 2024

For FICO, it is your payment history and credit utilization ratio while for VantageScores, it is your credit use, its available credit and your credit mix. But what does your credit score mean?

Buying a Beach House: Your Ultimate Guide to Seaside Property

If a country’s economy is doing really well in the past few years, there are chances that the real estate prices are high and that can reflect on the beach house prices as well.

Investing for Millennial Women: A Financial Roadmap

For many years, the investment field was dominated by men because of the gender-biased mindset, but times are changing as, in recent years especially after the pandemic, the interest of women in making investments has increased.

Investing lessons for Gen Z

Generation Z is skeptical of the investment system because they are young and they need personalized products which the banks are not able to provide at the moment, which wasn't the case with their parents.

How to Buy a House on a Single Income: Expert Strategies

Buying a home is a dream for many. Making it a reality more so. However, what happens if you're the only person earning in your family or you're the only source of income at home. Read on.

How to Get a Good Deal on a Used Car: Tips and Strategies

Buying a car is a liability because with time its value decreases as the depreciation factor makes its impact. When you buy a used car in good condition, it reduces your cost and gives you the joy of owning a car.

How to Build Wealth with Just $5 a Day

People are often lost in the myth that they need to have millions just to start investing but that is not true. You should always be sure of your financial condition and compare your expenses and savings to find out the amount that you can save.

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