How To Get $100 Instantly

In case of urgent needs, there are numerous paths to obtain the funds you need right when you need them. Let’s explore different solutions to navigate urgent financial situations and access $100 instantly.
How To Get 100 Instantly
How To Get $100 Instantly
Need $100 instantly? Life's unexpected expenses can catch us off guard, and having instant access to cash can be a game-changer. Learn how to get $100 instantly with the best tips from Beem so you can tackle emergencies effectively.
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There are various options to secure $100 instantly. From leveraging innovative apps designed for quick loans to selling unused items or taking on online gig work, there are numerous paths to obtain the funds you need right when you need them.

Let’s explore the range of solutions to help you navigate those urgent financial situations and access $100 instantly.

How to Get $100 Instantly, Where can I borrow $100 instantly – Quick Guide

When you find yourself in need of $100 quickly, don’t fret. There are several swift and effective ways to secure that cash quickly. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

Use Instant Cash Apps

A quick and convenient way to get $100 instantly is by using instant cash apps. These apps are designed to provide small, short-term loans to users in need. Some popular options include Beem, Dave, Chime®, etc. With these apps, you can borrow $100 or more and repay it when you receive your next paycheck.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a car and some spare time, you can make $100 or more by driving for ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. These platforms allow you to work on your own schedule, and you can earn money by picking up passengers and giving them rides. It’s a flexible way to make money quickly; the more trips you complete, the more you’ll earn.

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Do you have gift cards that you’re not planning to use? You can turn them into cash by selling them online. Websites like Raise and Cardpool let you sell your unused gift cards for a percentage of their face value. 

Do Food Delivery

Food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub offer quick earning opportunities. You can join as a delivery driver and start delivering food orders to customers in your area. Plus, you get to keep your tips, which can add up to $100 or more quickly.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have a parking space you’re not using, consider renting it out. Websites like JustPark and SpotHero make it easy to list your parking space and earn extra income. Depending on your location, you can make $100 or more by renting out your parking spot to people in need.


You can offer services as a tutor if you have expertise in a particular subject or skill. Websites like Wyzant and Chegg Tutors connect tutors with students looking for help. Whether you know math, language, science, or any other subject, tutoring can be a rewarding way to earn $100 or more quickly.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Have items around the house that you no longer need? Consider selling them online through eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. You’d be surprised at how much money you can make by selling old electronics, furniture, clothing, and more.

Find Freelance Gigs Online

Numerous freelance opportunities are available online. You can take up writing and graphic design projects as well as web development and digital marketing. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr allow you to create profiles and offer your skills to clients in need. Freelancing can be a great way to earn $100 or more instantly.

Cash in Savings Bonds

If you have matured savings bonds, you can cash them in to access the funds instantly. The process may involve visiting your local bank or using the TreasuryDirect website to redeem your bonds. Remember that the value of your savings bonds may have increased over time so that you could receive more than $100 and also explore how to get $300 instantly

Host a Yard Sale

Hosting a yard sale is a classic way to declutter your home and make some quick cash. Gather items you no longer use or need and set up a sale in your yard or garage. With proper advertising, you can attract shoppers and easily reach your $100 goal.

Return Unused Items

If you recently purchased items you no longer want or need, check the store’s return policy where you bought them. Most stores allow returns within a specified time frame, and you can get a refund or store credit. 

The Most Common $100 Loan Options

Sometimes, you may not have the time or resources to explore the abovementioned options. In such cases, you can consider taking out a $100 loan. Here are the most common $100 loan options:

Payday Loan

Payday loans are a popular choice when you need $100 right away. These short-term loans are typically due by your next payday. However, they come with high-interest rates, often around 400% APR. You must usually repay them within two weeks or until your next payday. Most payday loan lenders will check your credit, but some offer no-credit check loans. Collateral is not required.

Cash Advance Loan

You can avail a cash advance against your credit card’s limit if you have a credit card. While this provides quick access to cash, it often comes with high interest rates, even higher than your card’s purchase APR. There’s no set repayment term, but interest accrues immediately. You don’t need an additional credit check, but you must have available credit on your card. Collateral is not required.

Installment Loan

Personal installment loans let you borrow money and repay it over a set period in several installments. Interest rates vary but are often lower than payday loans. The repayment term also varies, typically several months to a few years. A credit check is typically required. Collateral is not required.

Pawn Shop Loan

If you have valuable things like jewelry, electronics, or musical instruments, you can use them as collateral to secure a loan at a pawn shop. You’ll receive cash, and your items will be held as collateral until you repay the loan. Be sure to understand the terms and interest rates before using this option.

Auto Title Loan

Title loans use your vehicle’s title as collateral. These loans come with high interest rates, often around 300% APR. The repayment term is typically 15 or 30 days. No credit check is required, but you must own a vehicle with a clear title. Collateral is required in the form of your vehicle’s title.

Apps That Give $100 Loan Instantly

While some loan options offer quick access to cash, they may also come with high interest rates and potential risks. It’s advisable to explore other alternatives first, like borrowing from friends or family or using instant cash apps. Let’s explore the best apps for getting $100 instantly.


Beem is the #1 alternative to instant cash advance. It’s your go-to solution for unexpected financial emergencies. Beem’s application process is quick and straightforward, offering access to amounts ranging from $5 to $1,000. The best part? Beem doesn’t bother with credit verifications, interest fees, or income requirements. So, when you’re facing sudden bills or unforeseen expenses, Beem provides stress-free assistance.


Dave is another app that loans you money. With Dave, you can borrow up to $250 between paychecks, with a modest $1 monthly fee. The good news is that Dave doesn’t charge interest or have any hidden fees. While they don’t perform credit checks, they analyze your banking and Dave history to determine your eligibility. Your employer must directly deposit your paycheck into your Dave account, giving you the added benefit of accessing your funds up to 2 days earlier without any fees. There’s a $4.99 charge for instant loan transfers.


Chime operates like a fintech app that functions as a bank. You’ll need a Chime bank account to utilize their SpotMe service for a $100 loan. The Chime Spend account, a checking account, has no minimum balance requirement or fees. All checking account customers can access the SpotMe® service, providing instant cash when you’re running low. Qualifying for this service involves receiving at least $200 direct deposits and completing an application. The best part? Chime doesn’t perform credit checks, and while your initial limit is $20, they may increase it to $100 or more.


Earnin is an app that offers early access to your paycheck. It tracks your hours worked using a timesheet or location tracking (with your permission) to grant you access to the funds you’ve earned. Initially, you can borrow up to $100 at a time, with a maximum of $500 per pay period. While receiving the funds in your checking account may take up to three days, you can pay for a Lightning Speed transfer for quicker access.


Brigit is a budgeting app that offers access to cash when needed. You can borrow up to $250, but this option is available with the paid plan, which costs $9.99 monthly. Brigit’s instant cash loans are typically available within hours if you request by 10 AM Eastern Time. Repayment terms are based on your pay schedule, and you may be eligible to extend due dates. However, Brigit limits the number of extensions you can request.


CashSpotUSA is one choice for instant cash advances starting at $100. You can get the money on the same day, and the application process is a breeze, taking only a few minutes. After you complete an application, you’ll hear from lenders with loan offers. While CashSpotUSA doesn’t charge fees, it’s essential to read the fine print of the lenders they work with before accepting a cash advance.


Empower gives you cash advances of up to $250 without interest or late fees. There’s no credit check involved. Instead, Empower reviews your bank account history, average direct deposit amounts, and general history to determine your eligibility. The goal is to ensure you can repay the loan with your next paycheck. Empower is free for the first 14 days, costing $8 per month afterward. 


PayActiv is a employer-based payday loan app that employers can give as a perk to their employees. The primary benefit is early access to your paycheck. Your employer links the app to their time system, allowing you to access up to 50% of your earned income or $500, whichever is less. Setting up direct deposit with PayActiv enables you to access up to $1,000 at a time. You can leave your funds untouched until payday or transfer them to your bank account or debit card. 


PockBox is a $100 instant loan app. If you find yourself needing $100, you can secure it within one business day. PockBox operates as a marketplace, connecting you with lenders. After you complete an application in just a few minutes, multiple lenders will review it. They may reach out with an offer if you qualify. While most lenders offer loans up to $2,500, you can get cash advances for $100. 


MoneyLion is not just a banking app; it offers more. With a MoneyLion checking account, you gain access to cash advances. Initially, you receive $25 in cash advances, but with regular direct deposits, MoneyLion may automatically increase your limit from $50 to $250. It usually takes six to eight weeks to reach the maximum threshold of $250. You can choose your preferred speed for receiving the funds, and it’s free if you can wait two to three business days or pay a small fee for instant access.


When you need $100 instantly, you must assess your options carefully. While some loan options offer quick access to cash, they may also come with high interest rates and potential risks. It’s advisable to explore other alternatives first, like borrowing from friends or family or using instant cash apps like Dave or Earnin. If you choose to go with a loan option, make sure you understand the terms and have a clear plan for repayment to avoid falling into debt.

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