How To Get 400 Dollars Fast?

From exploring gig platforms, freelancing on platforms and selling unused items online to leverage skills for online tutoring or writing gigs and participating in paid surveys, here are some of the most popular ways to make make $400 fast as an adult living in the United States.
How To Get 400 Dollars Fast
How To Get 400 Dollars Fast?
Earning $400 quickly is crucial for addressing urgent financial needs, such as covering unexpected expenses, avoiding late fees, or meeting essential bills. Let's find out the best ways to ge $400 fast.
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Are you in need of money? Are you wondering how to get 400 dollars fast? Earning $400 quickly is crucial for addressing urgent financial needs, such as covering unexpected expenses, avoiding late fees, or meeting essential bills. It provides economic stability, preventing potential setbacks and ensuring peace of mind in the face of immediate monetary challenges. Choose Beem, the #1 alternative to instant cash advance, for all your money issues.

Top 15 Ways To Make 400 Dollars Fast

Discover rapid ways to earn $400: Explore gig platforms, freelance on platforms, sell unused items online, leverage skills for online tutoring or writing gigs, participate in paid surveys, offer pet or house-sitting services, and consider short-term labor opportunities. Research and choose methods that align with your strengths and available time. Here are top picks of ways to make 400 dollars fast:

Install Cash Advance Apps

Embrace the opportunity to make $400 fast by installing reliable alternative to instant cash advances like Beem. This quick and convenient method can provide immediate financial support, helping you meet your monetary goals efficiently. Explore this option while considering the terms and conditions to maximize its benefits.

Affiliate Marketing

Engage in affiliate marketing to promote products and earn commissions. Utilize your online influence to boost sales, swiftly generating income through savvy marketing tactics. By tapping into affiliate programs, you can leverage your digital presence for effective and speedy financial returns.

Answer Surveys

Register on survey platforms, express your opinions, and earn cash or gift cards swiftly. This uncomplicated online activity can amass a substantial sum in a brief period. Participate in surveys to quickly accumulate rewards, making it a straightforward and efficient way to boost your income.

Deliver Groceries And Foods

Earn money swiftly by joining delivery platforms such as DoorDash or Uber Eats. Deliver groceries and meals to meet the surging demand for convenient services. This opportunity allows you to capitalize on the high demand for delivery, providing a quick and lucrative source of income.

Start Blogging

Commence blogging and monetize your platform through ads, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing. Although building a successful blog takes time, it becomes a reliable source of income once established. You can transform your blog into a steady and lucrative income stream by incorporating various monetization strategies.

Pet Sitting

Provide pet-sitting services through platforms like Rover, offering a rewarding and swift avenue to earn extra income. By attending to the needs of pet owners, you not only find fulfillment in caring for animals but also create a quick and lucrative source of additional cash.

Use Game Apps To Earn Money

Discover mobile apps that compensate you for playing games, transforming your leisure into a profitable venture. Earn money by engaging in gaming activities and capitalizing on apps that reward your entertainment. It allows you to seamlessly integrate fun and financial gain, making your gaming pastime a source of income.

Sell Your Old Stuff

Efficiently declutter by selling unused items on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Swiftly convert your possessions into cash by tapping into the thriving secondhand market. This streamlined process clears your space and provides a quick and effective way to monetize items you no longer need.


Monetize your expertise by providing tutoring services, offering personalized sessions for academic subjects or specialized skills. Capitalize on your knowledge to swiftly generate income through one-on-one tutoring sessions. It benefits learners and is a lucrative avenue for quickly earning money based on your expertise.

Do Freelancing

Participate in freelancing through platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Utilize your writing, design, programming, or other skills to secure rapid freelance opportunities. By engaging with these platforms, you can quickly find and complete gigs, turning your expertise into a valuable source of income.

Rent Your Vehicles

Maximize platforms like Turo to rent out your vehicles, transforming your idle car into a lucrative income source. Address the demand for temporary transportation by offering your vehicle for rent. This quick and convenient solution allows you to capitalize on the sharing economy, generating income from your underutilized asset.

Do Babysitting

Provide babysitting services to needy parents, offering a traditional yet efficient way to earn money quickly. Especially advantageous for those with childcare experience, babysitting becomes a reliable source of income while assisting families in managing their responsibilities. It combines a time-honored practice with a swift income-generating opportunity.

Do Housecleaning

Offer housecleaning services to busy individuals or families, tapping into the high demand for cleanliness and creating a swift income source. By providing efficient cleaning solutions, you meet clients’ needs and establish a quick and lucrative venture in response to the ongoing demand for household maintenance.

Drive For Lyft

Transform your car into a source of income by becoming a rideshare driver for platforms like Lyft. Offer transportation services to passengers in your area, providing a convenient and efficient solution while quickly generating income. This opportunity capitalizes on the demand for reliable and accessible transportation services.

Teach English To International Students

Utilize online platforms such as VIPKid to teach English to international students, leveraging your language skills for virtual teaching sessions. Seize the opportunity to connect globally, providing valuable language education while swiftly earning money through online teaching engagements. It aligns language proficiency with a lucrative avenue for income generation.


In conclusion, the diverse array of strategies outlined offers dynamic ways to earn $400 quickly. From leveraging digital platforms to traditional services, each method caters to unique skills and preferences. Whether installing cash advance apps like Beem, tutoring, or freelancing, these approaches empower individuals to address immediate financial needs efficiently and foster economic stability.


Can I make $400 without a job?

Yes, explore freelance gigs, online surveys, and selling items to earn $400 without a traditional job.

Can I make $400 in a day?

Making $400 daily is challenging but possible through high-paying gigs like freelancing, specialized services, or one-time opportunities.

How to get 400 dollars fast as a kid?

Kids can earn $400 by doing chores, offering pet services, or exploring creative endeavors like crafts and selling them.

How to make 400 dollars fast as a Teenager?

Teens can make $400 quickly by doing odd jobs, offering tutoring services, or leveraging online platforms for freelancing or surveys.

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