How to Get DirecTV Free Trial

Take advantage of a 5-day free trial to explore DirecTV Stream’s various sports, entertainment, and news channels. This tutorial will teach you how to begin your trial, choose a plan, and get the most out of your streaming experience with professional advice.
How to Get DirecTV Free Trial
How to Get DirecTV Free Trial
ake advantage of a 5-day free trial to explore DirecTV Stream's extensive channel portfolio, which includes live TV, movies, and on-demand video. To begin your trial and explore a world of personalized entertainment possibilities, follow the steps provided.
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Are you interested in a live TV streaming service with the most channels you could use for your taste? Sports, entertainment, and news channels are all included. All programming content is available at your fingertips with only one provider—DirecTV Stream. DirecTV Stream’s four subscription options can meet various demands and budgets. New users can also use a 5-day free trial to see whether the service meets their needs. 

Read this article to explore how to get a free trial of DirecTV Stream, explain all the different subscription options, and give you tips to get the most out of your streaming experience.

How to Get DirecTV Trial [Step by Step]

A free trial of DirecTV Stream can be quickly started. To begin, please follow these steps:

Go over to DirecTV Stream

Start by going to the official DirecTV Stream website. There, you can see all the different subscription plans and sign up.

Select Your Package

The second step is to choose a plan that suits your needs and budget; DirecTV Stream offers four different subscription bundles.

Click Start Free Trial

Find the “Start Free Trial” button next to your selected bundle and click on it to begin your trial.

Sign Up

In the “Sign Up” form, enter your name, email address, and password.

Fill Out Your Payment Info

You must fill out your payment information when you join the free trial. You can be confident that no charges will be applied until the trial concludes.

Use a Promotional Code (if available)

Add a promotional code (such as “SCORE”) at checkout to get $30 off for the first three months.

Get Started

After you’ve verified your account and activated the trial, you can explore all the channels and material that DirecTV Stream offers.

What is a DirecTV Trial Offer?

New members may experience the full spectrum of DirecTV Stream features with a trial that often lasts five days or sometimes even less with a DirecTV trial offer. During the trial period, customers can experience each option offered, such as live TV, movies, watching videos on demand, and DVR, without any costs. During this trial period, users can get insight into the functionality of the link and, therefore, see at the end whether they will be a subscriber or a website.

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Can You Get DirecTV for Free?

Customers may try out DirecTV Stream risk-free for five days with their subscription plans. More often than not, there are sales and promotions; for example, you can save $30 off your first three months using the code “SCORE.” Users can use these specials to get DirecTV Stream for less or even free for a limited time.

How Much Can You Save if You Subscribe to DirecTV for a Year?

Anyone thinking about a subscription for the long haul should compare the costs of a yearly plan with those of a monthly one. Various DirecTV Stream subscription plans are available at affordable prices:

Monthly Cost

DirecTV Stream packages with a monthly fee cost $69.99 to $149.99, depending on the plan. Opting for monthly payments that add up over the course of 12 months could accumulate to a larger total. From Adversity to Resilience: The Power of a College Education

Annual Subscription

On the contrary, unlike DirecTV Stream, annual subscriptions are not directly provided. Thus, customers must add the monthly subscription fees to know how much they will save in one year’s subscription. Customers often choose the options that offer payment for the yearly plans, and thus, they access multiple streaming service providers at a discount and a better deal.

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How to Get a Quick Loan to Subscribe to DirecTV?

A quick loan might be a practical choice when you need DirecTV Stream immediately but need more cash. If you need money quickly for a DirecTV Stream subscription, here’s how to do it:

Research Lending Options

In other cases, this issue may be satisfactory among some banks, credit unions, or online marketplaces that can grant you ultra-swift approval times. Find trustworthy sources that offer loans with low-interest rates and flexible payment initiation.

Verify Eligibility

Ensure you fit the qualifications by checking your employment status, income stability, and credit score to ascertain that you meet all these loan criteria. Before you look for credit, make sure you can handle these requirements.

Attach all the relevant documents to the loan application

Please remember to submit proof of identity, proof of income, and bank statements. Borrowers should also know why they need financing arrangements like DirecTV Stream to speed up the application.

Read the Terms

Before you sign any loan agreement, you must pay close attention to all the parts, from the time frame during which you must repay the loan to the interest rates you must adhere to and the potential penalties you would have to face. This enables you to thoroughly understand the costs, implications, and responsibilities rather than just that you are getting the borrowed money.

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Receive Approval

Upon completing the money approval process, the funds will be directly deposited into your specified bank account. This will enable you to enroll in DirecTV Stream and enjoy all its terrific features. Hence, psychologists support the main objective of drug enhancement, which is to remove the limitations that hinder individuals from reaching their highest potential.

Pay Back Your Loans Responsibly

Clearing your loan promptly helps you hold a high credit score and avoid spending seconds on financial troubles. Calls for accordance with the projected repayment of your reasonable loans to prevent delays.


In conclusion, deciding what streaming service suits you best is not child’s play, but now, thanks to DirecTV Stream’s free access, it is. If you need to switch on various channels and shows, from sports and news to all those juicy telenovelas, DirecTV Stream will leave you wanting for nothing. 

You can explore the free trial version of DirecTV Stream and use its features by featuring any of the following step-by-step instructions. If you’re having trouble paying for premium content, Beem Expert Assistance offers fast lending options so you can keep watching your favorite episodes and movies.

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