How to level up in your financial life this year

The last year has been difficult thanks to coroni-macaroni. But you’re still here and you’re showing up each day not giving up on your goals. You’re unstoppable! But don’t stop at survival, here’s how you can thrive in 2022.
How to level up in your financial life this year
As the New Year's festivities begin to close, we all are opening ourselves up to the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us this 2022. We’re aware that our lives are built around hundreds of tiny financial habits. But how much of an impact are we seeing them have in our lives?
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Whether we even know we’re doing them, our financial habits can either hurt us or help us. Sure, they are small sometimes and you don’t notice the impact right away. But over time they make all the difference. The tiny steps that you take consciously to level up in your financial life this year are the ones that matter.

Now is our chance to think of good financial habits that are as impactful, and exceptional as we know they will be. Below you will find steps to ensure you level up in your financial life this year.

Look back

Not a sneak peek but do look back at 2021. Through your health, your finances and habits and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Then look at what can be done differently or could have been improved on, left behind, developed, or even destroyed. A thorough assessment will help understand how to move forward.

Out with the old

Look yourself in the mirror, right now if you have to and talk to yourself. Acknowledge that if a habit is not adding to you, it is subtracting from you. This is your moment to lay aside bad habits. Don’t hold to anything that hasn’t been a tangible addition to your life, health or bank account. Let it go. (Sing the song from ‘Frozen’)

Tidy up

Not sure if you’ve heard but clean environments give space for the opportunity to think clearly, relax comfortably and plan. Keep your clothes, your bed, your fridge and your home clean. Greet the New Year fresh, clean and renewed.

Clear your vision

You can map out your 2022 plans with a vision board. Dream big and put it all on your vision board. A vision board will help you organize your thoughts, dreams and desires while looking at it all visually in one place. When what you want is in front of your eyes it brings you a little closer to where you’d like to be. Try it out.

New Year resolutions

Resolutions don’t have to have a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When you make financial resolutions, you state your intentions to focus on goals. You may stray off track sometimes but that’s ok. But resolutions can serve as a compass to bring you back to where you intend to be.

Eat healthily

Whether it’s Fish, Black-Eyed peas or Collard Greens. Eat all three, together or separate, it’s up to you. These are the New Year’s rules for peace and prosperity. It doesn’t have to make sense to work, nevertheless, it’s healthy—just eat it.

When is Chinese New Year 2022?

Talk about New Year festivities and the Chinese New Year comes to mind. The Chinese New Year and Lunar New Year 2022 will be celebrated on February 2. The Chinese New Year is the Year of the Tiger. Chinese households dedicate over two weeks to Chinese New Year cleaning, cooking, decorating and celebrating.

They are very specific and ritualistic in the way things are done, from the decor to the food. The Chinese traditionally celebrate the beginning of a new year of farm work and wish for a good harvest to come.

Stay financially prepped for Chinese New Year 2022

The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year has a large price tag attached to it, especially when all the extra expenses are involved. To top it off you need to hand out all those Laisee (red envelopes filled with cash), with additional expenses like new clothes, traveling costs and, of course, the big banquets.

It’s a good idea to budget so you avoid additional spending over the Chinese New Year period. Set a ceiling for all your expenses and allocate your money wisely. Allow your expense budget plan to guide your spending.

How to budget for Chinese New Year 2022/Lunar Year

  • Consider local tours or you can book your trips well in advance to keep costs down. This will save you money and last minute stress. If you’re late this year, plan ahead for early for next year.
  • Family reunion dinners during Chinese New Year can be hugely enjoyable, but also expensive. If you’re careful with your mobey consider holding a potluck gathering where each guest contributes a dish. It’s stilla great way to celebrate Lunar Year.
  • The amount of money you give on on a Laisee can really add up. Since Laisee are given to convey best wishes it is the thought that counts. So carefully assess your Chinese New Year budget before segregate money to put in those laisee.
  • Other festive expenses: Traditionally, new clothes, decorative flowers, dried seafood and other delicacies are purchased.

Get your game face on

Our 2022 doesn’t have to be superstitious, but what we can take away is how specific they are with everything they do. If you are specific about your goals for 2022, you’re going to crush them. You got this. Let’s go level up in your financial life this year!

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