How to Save Money on Books

For bibliophiles, saving money on books is the equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. We let you know it isn’t difficult to achieve. Here’s how.
How to Save Money on Books
There are plenty of ways to save money on books. We should know better, as we present 25 such ways to do so. Read to know more.
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Being a passionate bibliophile is an amazing hobby and points to the fact that you have plenty of books lying at home. You might feel bad about giving away books you’ve read. It’s time to make space, sell them, save money and get new ones. Skim through your book collection, choose the ones you are yet to read and give away the remaining to friends or family members who love to read. Instead of spending money on new books, find cost-effective ways to enjoy reading your favorite books.

Check the books you have, separate and keep aside the ones you have read and plan to read. Look out for online or offline places to sell books. Make a rule to buy a limited number of books, finish them and then go to the next one and stick to this rule. Read on to know how to save money on books.

Best 25 Ways to Save Money on Books

If you’re a book lover and spend too much on books, here are 25 ways you can cut down on costs.

Utilize Your Local Library

Take advantage of the public library. It’s the best source for free books. You don’t need to pay for books, you can get to read the new releases if you request them to hold a few weeks before the ordered copy reaches the shelf. Check the library often as they keep adding new collections. If you don’t have a library card, sign up now.

Join a Book Swap

Swapping books with friends is not only a good way to save money on books, but it helps you gain more knowledge, read books for free and build your bond with others. Exchange books with someone who has the same interest as yours. By swapping books, you give away the books you don’t read any longer with a new book.

Buy Used Books

New books are pricey. Buying used books comes with discounts and deals, helping you save money. Visit your local bookstore, as some of them offer buyers store credit in exchange for trading their own used books. Check eBay for used versions of books to save money, and you can also sell your old books for instant cash.

Shop at Discount Bookstores

If you’ve got your eyes on a specific book, wait for a few days or weeks and then buy them either online or offline. The rate for a new book release can be high initially but can be reduced to a few dollars after the release date is passed. Amazon sells book copies for a cheaper price. Don’t miss out on these discounts.

Utilize eBook Deals

If you want a book in hand then wait for a few weeks and get it on Amazon, otherwise, you can look for digital books on various apps. Once you know how you can get eBooks for free, don’t waste a penny. If you have a library card, download the Libby App and read books for free.

Attend Library Book Sales

Don’t miss out on library book sales. This is a great way to get many books at a reasonable price. When you visit the library, take their contacts and keep track of their sales. They might sell old books or have books sold for a cheaper price. Library sales are very useful as they not only help you get books for a lower price but also help you save money.

Join Book Subscription Services

Download the Kindle app to read books online. Amazon Prime members need to pay a fee to get books. Some e-readers have extra offers for Kindle unlimited subscriptions. Using online book subscriptions like Kindle is easy, safe and you can continue reading from where you left off. Subscriptions come with lots of magazines and audiobooks as a bonus.

Utilize Audiobook Subscriptions

If you find it difficult to read books, listen to them anywhere anytime. There are many audiobooks you can subscribe to. Audible is available on Amazon’s platform and is useful. Purchase premium audiobooks on Google Audiobooks. Save money by listening to books on Librivox, check Kobo audiobooks for affordable subscriptions. Take time, research, download and subscribe to your favorite audiobook.

Explore Free eBook Websites

Whether you’re walking or traveling, carry a book in your pocket. Ebooks are cheaper than their paperback and hardcover. You can stock up many books at the same time. Though it can be strenuous to the eyes, it is flexible and is loved by readers. Look out for online websites like eBay and Amazon. Download apps like Kindle eBooks Google eBooks or any reasonable eBook subscription.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

As students, make use of your benefits about borrowing or buying books at stores, online, or from the library. Use your ID as proof and get books for a discount. You can also access textbooks from other libraries through interlibrary loan service.

Buy Books in Bulk

Buying books in bulk has its perks as it is cost-effective and helps you save money. You tend to get discounts when you buy in bulk. Buying in bulk can make it convenient and cut travel costs and is a one-time investment. You can order books in bulk on online platforms and get them delivered to your doorstep. Look out for sales online and offline and buy books in bulk.

Join Book Clubs 

Being part of a book club can help you build your social network, broaden your thinking, make you read new genres and boost your confidence. You feel motivated when you are surrounded by people who are book lovers, just like you are. Being in a book club will help you stay notified about book sales, deals, events and new book releases happening around. 

Utilize Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary loan service is a format that lets libraries share resources and allows them to borrow and lend materials across various library systems. This system will help people/students access data that is not available in their library. Interlibrary services help you get resources quickly. The E-ZBorrow and ILLiad are included in the Interlibrary Loan Service, you can use them, especially for students who want textbooks early during their semesters.

Attend Author Events

With busy schedules, people might find it hard to attend author events, this is your opportunity to attend these events, create a good impression and learn from your favorite authors during the event. You can spend the time listening to someone talk passionately about books. Be friendly, engage in conversations and if you are lucky, you can get your book signed for free. 

Follow Book Deals Websites

Download the Amazon First Reads title of your choice. You can do this for free and a month early to the official release date. Get exclusive discounts and prices for all six Amazon First Reads titles in hardcover edition. For $1.99, you can buy a Kindle title of your choice every month in advance of the release date. Look out for deals on online stores like BooksAMillion, Amazon and AbeBooks.

Utilize Cashback and Rewards Programs

Save money on everyday purchases with cashback and loyalty programs. Reward cards are useful as reward points can be redeemed at any time for any item. Use your reward points to get books of your choice. Amazon offers reward points that can be collected at any time and can be used to make purchases. Go through the Amazon Pay cashback and check if you fill in the criteria to get your cashback credited to your amazon pay balance through an amazon gift card.

Buy Books in Paperback

Paperbacks are soft-cover books that are cheap and flexible. The books are cost-effective and easy to handle and carry. Paperback books are affordable and accessible compared to hardcovers. This makes it more acceptable to a wide range of audiences who prefer using paperback books. Buying paperback books will help you save money and enjoy reading your book.

Consider Book Rentals

Don’t spend too much on buying books when you have the option to rent one. BooksRun is an online platform where you can rent used and new books online. This will help you read your books and save money. To make the process easier for students, textbooks are rented on many online platforms, in libraries and stores. Avoid buying new ones, when you can learn via renting books.

Shop Off-Season

Look out for sales during off seasons, you can buy books in bulk and for a lower price. Shopping off-season can help you get discounts and deals. Don’t miss thrift stores for offers. Rates can differ. Before you buy books, check and compare prices. 

Explore Free Library Resources 

Don’t miss out on free resources from the library. If you don’t want to keep the book for future use, you can borrow books from the library. Local libraries are a great source to get books, magazines, journals and reference articles. If you’re a student, use your facilities to the fullest. Borrowing books or taking them on rent will help you learn more and save money.

Wait for Paperback Releases

Hardcovers are expensive. Paperbacks are issued by publishers for a low price. These books are lightweight, more cost-effective, portable and affordable. Paperback books are a popular choice for readers as they are affordable. Paperback novels usually range from $13.95-$17.95. 

Use Trade-In Programs

If you have books lying at home, you can sell them on Amazon and get credit. Amazon trade-in program that helps you declutter books for other items or gift cards. Make use of this opportunity and sell your old books for free and in return get rewards or items delivered with free shipping. 

Share Books with Friends 

If you love to read books and have friends who read too, you’ve probably got things at hand. Exchange books with friends, enjoy each other’s company, get to know their tastes and collections and build your bond together. Borrowing or sharing books with friends doesn’t help you save money but also gets them closer to you.

Set a Budget

It can be tempting to buy the first copy right after the book’s release, but that can be expensive. It’s best to wait for a few weeks and then purchase the book online to get it for a lower price. Always set a budget before buying books and stick to it. Learn and start saving every month so you can buy books in bulk during sales and discounts.

Practice Selective Buying 

It is not necessary to get all the books you see. Though you might have the urge to get them, it is best to stick to a list of selected books. Every month you can decide to read something new and stick to it. Following this practice of buying selective books will help you cover different genres and save money.


If you love to read books, there are plenty of ways you can read them and save money. The 25 ways help you know the options that are easily available for you to save money on books. Look out for online platforms that offer deals and discounts on books and don’t miss out on book shows and sales. Visit the library to borrow books, and check online and offline place that allow you to rent books. For financial support and guidance, download the Beem app.

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