Instant cash for iPhone

If you are going for an updated version of your iPhone, consider selling the old one. During emergencies, selling your old iPhone can fetch you some quick cash. Here is a detailed guide on how to prepare your phone for the sale and the places you can sell at.
Instant cash for iPhone
Instant cash for iPhone
Most iPhones are sold at half the original price after 2-3 years of use and if their condition is fine. Newer models and gently handled phones might get you a better offer.
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iPhones are one of the most loved phone brands across the globe. Most users want to update their phones whenever a new iPhone hits the market. But is it a great financial option? Not really. In times of financial emergencies, selling your phone can get you some quick cash. In this article, you will learn about the steps to follow while selling an iPhone for cash.

How To Get Instant Cash For An iPhone?

The first step is to look for buyers. One can simply visit AppleCare to resell their phone or seek online or local buyers. Sometimes, online buyers offer a better deal, so you should consider all buyers before selling. You must also contact the buyer beforehand about the mode of payment and ensure the buyer is genuine. 

Preparing Your iPhone for Sale

Step one to prep your iPhone for resale is to reset it to factory settings. Additionally, you need to log out of your Apple account and iCloud. This will protect your personal data once the phone is sold. You can use iCloud to protect your backup even after performing a factory reset.

You can also sell your MacBook for instant cash. Some people like to upgrade their mobile phones and laptops, so it’s preferable to sell and buy an upgraded one.

Where to Sell Your iPhone for Instant Cash

There are several options available to sell your iPhone for instant cash. These options include online buyback services, physical retail locations, and peer-to-peer sales platforms. Here’s a list of each option:

Online Buyback Services:

  1. Online buyback services specialize in purchasing used electronics, including iPhones, from individuals. 
  2. Visit online buyback services websites, provide details about your iPhone, and receive a quote. 
  3. Online buyback services offer competitive prices and a hassle-free selling experience, making them an excellent option for those looking to sell their iPhones quickly.

Physical Retail Locations:

  1. Many physical retail locations, such as electronics stores, cell phone carriers, and pawn shops, offer trade-in or buyback programs for used iPhones.
  2. Visit your local Apple Store, Best Buy, or carrier store to inquire about their trade-in or buyback programs. Some stores also offer instant cash or store credit for your iPhone. This offer depends on its condition and model.
  3. Selling your iPhone to a physical retail location allows you to receive instant cash or credit without the hassle of shipping your device. 

Peer-to-Peer Sales Platforms:

  1. Peer-to-peer sales platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Swappa allow you to list your iPhone for sale directly to other individuals.
  2. These platforms offer a wide reach and the potential to connect with buyers worldwide. 
  3. Selling your iPhone through peer-to-peer sales platforms may take time to find buyers and complete transactions. 

How to maximize the selling price?

The selling price of your iPhone depends on the year, model, and condition of the phone. Usually, most phones are sold at 50% of the original price after 2-3 years of extensive usage and if their condition is fine. Newer models and those that have been handled better might get a better offer. Apple stores will check your phones thoroughly and offer a fixed-price resale value, but you can bargain and get better deals from other buyers if you don’t mind selling your iPhone you can consider selling your old gold for instant cash.

Is cash for the iPhone real?

Yes, many buyers offer cash to buy iPhones. It also depends on the seller to set a mode of payment for the buyer. Apple stores and other local shops also mostly accept cash as the mode of transaction. Most iPhone users sell their iPhones, and people also sell their Apple Watches for instant cash to upgrade to a new one or different colors, either to get a new model or to have cash on hand.

Safety and Security Measures

Here are a few tips and tricks while selling iPhones:

  1. Always research to understand the market value of your product.
  2. Always check for potential buyers with reparations and genuineness.
  3. Ensure the mode of payment and other details are discussed beforehand so that there is no last-minute cancellation.


iPhones are available with an updated version quite frequently. Most users want to follow the trend of buying the newer version but need to figure out what to do with the last one. The best way is to exchange it while buying the newer version or sell it for cash. One can use online platforms, local vendors, or Apple stores to get a potential buyer for their iPhones. It is a great way to sell off your old phone for cash, and it is economical as well.

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