Iowa Tax Forms in 2024

Filing taxes can be a complex and challenging task, especially when dealing with state-specific forms and requirements. This blog provides a detailed guide on Iowa’s tax forms, including how to access, fill out, and submit them correctly.
Iowa Tax Forms
Iowa Tax Forms in 2024
The process of obtaining Iowa tax forms is relatively straightforward. The Iowa Department of Revenue provides taxpayers with numerous choices for accessing the forms they need. Read on to find out more.
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Tax season can be overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure which forms you need for your specific situation. For Iowa residents and nonresidents alike, being informed about the required tax forms is crucial. This article will guide you through the essential Iowa tax forms for 2024, explain how to obtain them, and highlight potential tax advantages. We’ll also share some practical tips for effective Iowa tax planning to help you make the most of your tax situation.

IA 1040: Iowa Individual Income Tax Return

The Iowa 1040 form is the primary tax return people in Iowa use to report their income tax. This form includes details of the gross income you earned in the year, the computation of the tax you must pay, and enabling you to claim the available exemptions or reliefs under the tax laws. This form must be filled in correctly to avoid fines and meet state tax laws; therefore, it is essential to complete it correctly

IA 148: Iowa Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Credit

Nonresidents and part-time residents of Iowa use the IA 148 formula to claim the tax credit for the taxes paid in another state. This form ensures that the taxpayers do not make the twin payment for their income from other sources outside Iowa. This form is helpful for nonresidents and part-year residents to determine their credit accurately and get a reduction in their Iowa income tax.

IA 130: Iowa Homestead Tax Credit

Iowa Tax Forms

IA 130 is an application form that Iowa residents use to claim the Homestead Tax Credit, provided they fulfill some conditions. This credit is given to the property taxes of homeowners who reside in the property they own as their primary residence. This structure allows people who own homes to pay less for the property tax, which makes purchasing homes more affordable and reachable.

IA 1040-ES: Iowa’s Estimated Tax for Individuals

The IA 1040-ES form is filled and submitted to pay estimated taxes in the fiscal year. This form is essential to those who work for themselves, contract workers, or individuals whose wages are not deducted at source. It makes it convenient for taxpayers to make regular estimated tax payments so that they do not incur penalties for underpaying their taxes and meet their tax obligations.

How to Obtain Iowa Tax Forms?

The process of obtaining Iowa tax forms is relatively straightforward. The Iowa Department of Revenue provides taxpayers with numerous choices for accessing the forms they need:


Another way to get Iowa tax forms is to visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website. The website offers downloadable PDF versions of the necessary tax forms, instructions, and publications. Visit the website, type in the form you need, and download the form to your computer as soon as possible.


Tax forms are also available from most public places, such as libraries, post offices, and local government offices. These locations often give a range of samples of the forms completed, most often for free.


If you require any tax forms, you can request them through the mail. It is advisable to make a phone call or an online request to have the forms sent to your address through the Iowa Department of Revenue.

Tax Preparation Software

Most tax preparation software packages include state tax forms among their services. When using a tax software program such as TurboTax, Tax Act and Beem, you can access and complete Iowa tax forms within the program.

Tax Credits and Deductions in Iowa

In Iowa, several tax credits and deductions can be taken to reduce taxpayers’ owes. Comprehending these credits and deductions is crucial to get the most out of your tax savings.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

The Iowa EITC is available to eligible workers and families with earned income in the low to moderate range. This credit is determined as a percentage of the federal EITC and can substantially benefit the targeted taxpayers.

Child and Dependent Care Credit

This credit is offered to taxpayers with expenses for caring for children or dependents while working or looking for work. It is a portion of the federal Child and Dependent Care Credit and can be used to offset some of the care charges. 

Tuition and Textbook Credit

Iowa taxpayers who pay tuition and textbook expenses for dependents in grades K-12 may claim this credit. The credit is a proportion of the costs incurred, up to a certain amount, that assists families in covering the cost of education. 

Volunteer Firefighter and EMS Personnel Tax Credit

Individuals who volunteer as firefighters, emergency medical services professionals, or reserve peace officers can receive this credit. The credit offers a tiny tax benefit in honor of their community contribution. 

Homestead Tax Credit

As previously stated, this credit is available to homeowners who use their home as their principal residence. It helps reduce property taxes and has associated benefits that can result in significant savings in the future. 

Other Credits

Iowa also offers various other incentives, such as the Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax Credit, the Renewable Energy Tax Credit, and the Solar Energy System Tax Credit. Each credit has unique qualifying restrictions and application procedures. 


Iowa’s tax forms and maximizing available credits and deductions can be difficult and time-consuming. With Beem’s expert assistance, you can get the most out of your tax situation. File your taxes with Beem. Estimate your Federal and State taxes with Beem’s Free Tax Calculator. Enjoy hassle-free tax filing with our 100% accuracy and get the maximum refund. Get started now!

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