It’s Time, Give Back! 5 Easy Ways To Celebrate Boxing Day 2020

No matter how the Boxing Day tradition began, it’s been around for centuries, so warm up to celebrate it and elevate your festive spirit.
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It’s Time, Give Back! 5 Easy Ways To Celebrate Boxing Day 2020
In the spirit of Boxing Day, a day known for charitable activities and giving back, let's explore five meaningful ways to make a difference this holiday season. From preparing meals for those in need and spending quality time with animals at shelters to making donations and becoming a fundraiser for a cause, these suggestions offer practical ways to spread kindness and generosity amidst the ongoing pandemic.
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The entire holiday season is about giving as a token of love to others, whether you’re presenting gifts or donating items to loved ones. No holiday is complete without giving back.

Here’s what Boxing Day is and how you can celebrate it amidst the pandemic:

What is Boxing Day all about?

Boxing Day, takes place on December 26, the day after Christmas. The day is known for charitable activities by giving back to communities and people. While some believe it’s named for the collection box in churches in which people offer donations for the less fortunate. Others say it started as a means for people to give gifts in boxes to their servants.

This year has seen lots of lows than ups but never feel let down. So, if you want to celebrate Boxing Day this year, here are five ways you can give back to others this holiday season amidst the pandemic:

Make Meals For Those in Need

Many local churches, homeless shelters, and other organizations might need volunteers around the holiday season, just check with your church. Be a part or participate with churches and shelters that organize Christmas dinner and serve or distribute food to those who need it.

The ham or turkey is so special during the festive season and not all can afford to buy it. This can surely be a part of your list for giving back food to the poor and needy. Most food banks are always looking for special donations around the holidays; this might well be your time to do it, so buy an extra ham or turkey this Boxing Day to give to a family that can’t afford it. Or, take the day after Christmas to give away food to the homeless.

Charitable activities should never be postponed or forgotten and hence make use of an emergency fund to buy the giveaways.

Spend Quality Time With Animals

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, people have been under house arrest and that has had a significant effect on the usual activities. The sufferings, pain, and trauma have not been restricted only to people but animals too.

It isn’t just humans who need help over the holidays! This Boxing Day, give back to the animals that don’t have a home to live in. Animal Shelters always love getting litter, food, toys, and every other donation from residents of the community. They also need volunteers to spend time with the dogs and cats or even help with dog walking.

This is a great activity to involve you with the whole family!

Make Donations

Donations can never be categorized; it is just that you need to make up your mind to do it even when your life is running through rough patches. There are so many donations you can make over the holidays, whether you’re giving gifts, money, or other items.

Check with charitable organizations in your community to identify what is missing from their list and see if anyone is in need of a coat, toy, or walking stick or anything else that can help people of all ages. Senior centers, Homeless shelters, hospitals, veterans’ groups, outreach programs, community centers, and so on all need a bit of extra support helping hand, and volunteer assistance at this time of year.

Stop over-thinking what people will say about your contribution because it matters a lot when it reaches somebody. Some non-profit organizations like receiving gently used household items like pots, blankets, and pans, and clothes who can’t afford them this winter and with no cash. People even donate phones, hair, to charities during the holiday season!

Become a Fundraiser

Fundraising is a great way to show your love and devotion towards those who are in desperate need of money and food. You can give back without worrying too much about spending money from your own pocket for a non-profit organization or charity.

Find out the charities that need your service and time near you by searching online for fundraisers, and donate your valuable time to help them raise money for their cause.

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A Simple Gesture

The whole world is reeling under an emotional and economic crisis so don’t underestimate or underwhelm your contributions and the simplest gestures of giving back. Say thank you with small goodies and gifts to your delivery person or mail carrier.

Buy groceries for your neighbor, or even just a coffee, burger, or hotdog for the person you just come across where you stay. Send a beautiful bouquet, to cheer someone you know who’s going through a bad time especially with the current pandemic playing spoilsport during the holiday season. You don’t have to give something big to make a difference in someone’s life or day!

Happy Giving Back to the needy on Boxing Day 2020!

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