Livingston Tax Deadline Extension[2024]

The IRS and the Michigan Department of Treasury have extended the tax filing deadline until June 17, 2024, for Livingston County to relieve storm-affected individuals and businesses from a major financial burden. Here’s what you need to know about Livingston tax deadline extension.
Livingston Tax Deadline Extension
Livingston Tax Deadline Extension[2024]
Livingston County, Michigan, is among regions declared by FEMA as qualifying for tax breaks. As a result, the IRS has ordered an extension of the tax deadline to file and pay federal taxes for individuals and businesses in the County. Let's explore more details.
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Michigan experienced severe storms, tornadoes and floods on August 24, 2023. Many taxpayers in Livingston County found it hard to meet their tax deadlines. The IRS and the Michigan Department of Treasury have extended the tax filing deadline until June 17, 2024, to relieve this financial burden on individuals and businesses affected.

The relief is intended for taxpayers in the disaster area. It covers various tax filing and payment deadlines, giving people more time to fulfill their obligations.

The announcement also provides much-needed help for those who suffered from natural calamities by extending the date when taxes should be paid or returns filed. So, let’s talk more about the Livingston Tax Deadline Extension and how one can file taxes in Livingston.

Does Livingston get a tax extension?

Livingston County, Michigan, is among regions declared by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) as qualifying for tax breaks. Under these provisions, all federal returns, including business ones, should be filed before June 17, 2024, while payments made later will still attract interest and penalties applicable under the law.

Livingston Tax Deadline Extension 2024

The IRS has ordered an extension of the tax deadline to file and pay federal taxes for individuals and businesses in Livingston, Michigan. This extension applies to many activities related to taxes that were originally required to be done between August 24, 2023, and June 17, 2024.

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Key Dates to Remember

  • Original Tax Filing Deadline: April 15, 2024
  • Extended Tax Filing Deadline for Livingston: June 17, 2024

Who Qualifies for the Extension

The relief applies to Livingston County residents and businesses affected by severe storms, tornadoes, or flooding that began on August 24, 2023. Individuals living or running a business within these disaster zones can claim relief under this program.

What the Extension Covers

A wide range of federal individual and business tax returns and tax payments are covered by extending the deadline for filing taxes. It allows more time for people to file different returns and make various kinds of payments to the IRS. The new due date applies to many deadlines, such as the ones listed below:

  • Individual income tax returns (Form 1040)
  • Business tax returns (Forms 1120, 1120S, etc.)
  • IRAs and health savings accounts for eligible taxpayers.
  • Quarterly estimated income tax payments are generally due at specific intervals.
  • Quarterly Payroll and excise tax returns for different periods.

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How to File for an Additional Extension if Needed

Taxpayers in Livingston, Michigan, who need a further extension beyond June 17, 2024, for their 2023 federal income tax return can submit Form 4868, an application for an Automatic Extension of Time to file a US. individual income tax return, or request it electronically by April 15, 2024. 

This form usually gives an extension until October 15, 2024. However, keep in mind that while an extension to file is granted, it does not extend the deadline for paying tax payments; that is, penalties & interest will accrue on any outstanding taxes after the original due date of April 15, 2024.

How to File Taxes in Livingston

Filing taxes in Livingston involves several steps to ensure compliance with local and national regulations. By following these steps, you can effectively file your taxes in Livingston and fulfill your tax obligations:

  1. Before starting, collect all relevant financial documents, including W-2 forms, 1099 forms, receipts, and any other income or expense records.
  2. Once you collected, decide whether to file independently, utilize tax software, or seek assistance from a professional tax preparer.
  3. Then, fill out the appropriate tax forms, such as Form 1040, by inputting the name, income, etc.
  4. After filing, double-check all entries and calculations to avoid errors that could lead to potential audits or penalties.
  5. If you owe taxes, make the tax payments to avoid interest and penalties.
  6. Once done, submit your form Electronically through the IRS website or mail the forms to the designated address, ensuring they reach the IRS by the filing deadline.


The Livingston County tax deadline extension offers much-needed relief after the natural disasters. If you fall under the eligibility criteria, file your taxes by June 17, 2024, to avoid penalties and interest. Remember, even with the extension, it’s wise to make an estimated payment by the original due date to minimize any potential penalties on owed taxes. Consider Beem to simplify your tax filing experience in Livingston County. Remember to choose a reputable service with a proven security and customer satisfaction track record.

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