8 hacks to help you save gas money

Unless you’re using an electric vehicle, you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars every month on simply fueling up your car to get to work and back. Here’s how you can save gas money.
8 hacks to help you save gas money
We’re all used to seeing the online memes and jokes about how expensive gas is at the moment. But all kidding aside, forking out twice or thrice of what you would normally pay for a tank of gas is no joke. Here are some hacks to save money at the pump.
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Gas money burning a hole in your pocket? Check out these easy hacks to save gas money the next time you want to fill your car’s tank up at the pump. 

We’re all feeling the pinch of commuting in our own vehicles at the moment. Unless you’re using an electric vehicle, you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars every month on simply fueling up your car to get to work and back. 

Why you need to save gas money

You can’t avoid putting gas into your car. If you do, you will have to depend on public transport to take you around town. And if you don’t have easy access to public transport, things are probably really tough for you. During a time when you were possibly looking to reduce your expenses and build your savings, here you are spending way too much money on just gas alone. 

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is the importance of savings and building our emergency funds. So, if you’re trying to reduce your expenditure, how can you save money at the pump? Or are there ways you can get free fuel? 

Hacks to save gas money

The short answer is yes! But that doesn’t mean you’re going to get free gas right away or halve your gas bills the next time you fill up your tank. Instead, what you will learn are a few tricks and hacks that can help you save gas money over a short period of time. It takes a little patience but we’re sure it will be worth it. 

Now, these methods may not all work for you. But at least one or two of them might. Happy reading and happy saving. 

Take surveys that give you gas vouchers in return 

Taking surveys is probably one of the easiest and most popular ways of getting free gas money and vouchers. There are hundreds of survey websites that pay you for taking up surveys. That said, not all of them can be trusted, so be careful before you start. Reading user reviews and feedback will help you identify the best sites. 

For every survey you complete, you will get reward points that can be redeemed for PayPal rewards. You can even get gift cards that can be used at various grocery stores and gas stations. It is that simple. The surveys are open to all. The only condition most of these websites have is that you should be at least between the ages of 15 years to 18 years to participate. 

Simply visit a popular survey site, complete surveys, earn rewards, and convert them into free gas money. Accumulate quite a few of them and you will soon have enough for a whole tank of gas. 

Advertise on your car 

Want to earn money while driving your car around without having to ferry passengers? Then look at using your car as an advertising platform. There are companies such as Wrapify that pay you to advertise brands on your car. With this method, you can earn money on two conditions – one, depending on the type of coverage you allow for a brand on your car, and two, the number of miles you drive. While there usually isn’t a minimum distance, you will obviously earn more the longer you drive. 

Companies that pay for advertising on your car usually require the vehicle to be in good condition. You should also be a good driver and your car must be appropriately insured as well. 

Use cashback apps for gas money hacks

There are apps that give you a reward or discount every time you use them to pay for gas. GetUpside is one such app. Using it to pay for your gas next time will get you 25 cents off on every gallon you buy. It also gives you discounts on restaurant and grocery spending. 

Check out free gas apps 

Gas prices may not be the same at every gas station. Therefore, it would really help if you’re able to find the station selling the cheapest gas near you. For this, use a gas app that shows you the gas stations around you and the prices they charge per gallon. 

Mobile apps such as GasBuddy and Gas Guru can help you do just that. You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for cheap gas near you. These free apps use the information provided by users and gas stations to give you correct rates being charged in and around your area. 

Get the right gas credit card 

Credit cards are a great way to not only buy things on credit for an interest-free period but also get rewarded for using them. This is literally free money. Plenty of credit cards give you cashback or reward points or even discounts when you use them to pay for your purchases. You can convert the reward points into vouchers or even cash that you can then use to pay for gas. However, make sure you get a Gas credit card only if you are sure that you will use it responsibly and pay off the bills every month ahead of the due date. Credit card debt is the last thing you should get into. Some of the best credit cards that give you cashback are: 

  • Chevron credit card
  • Shell credit card 
  • Bp credit card 
  • Exxon gas card 

Subscribe to a gas station membership 

If you have a particular gas station that you’re fond of or a fuel brand that you’re loyal to, find out if they have a membership scheme. Signing up for something like a loyalty program with a gas brand can help you save money every time you fill up with them. You may even get membership points that you can accumulate and get a bigger discount in the future. 

Learn to drive responsibly 

Most of us are guilty of accelerating too hard, braking too much, or shifting gears too often. The truth is, all of these actions make the car consume a lot more fuel than necessary. Learning to drive calmly and responsibly can go a long way in helping you save a lot of fuel. The more responsibly you drive, the less fuel your car will consume. 

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Share costs by carpooling 

Carpooling is a boon if you don’t mind picking up people and dropping them along your route. If you’re traveling alone, try carpooling for a change. Carpooling apps like Waze and others help match you with others who are looking for a ride along the route you’re taking. You get paid for this and it helps pay for your next fuel fill-up.  

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