Side Hustles For Artists

Are you an artist looking for methods to monetize your talent? Discover successful side hustles that allow you to express your creativity, earn money, and convert your passion into a business. Let us dive in!
Side Hustles For Artists
Side Hustles For Artists
Explore a variety of artist-specific side hustles, including selling tangible things and photography, blogging, and event planning. These provide you with the opportunity to enthusiastically share your artistic work with the world. Let us know more!
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Are you an artist looking for ways to utilize your skills and make money while enjoying your work? Making a business out of your artistic side can be challenging. Some people value the art and the artist because they can see the value and the work you do behind it. It is a small market, but you can still earn from it. So, here is the list of side hustles that you do to make some money while using your creative side

16 Best Side Hustles For Artists

Sell physical products

One of the most profitable side hustles is selling your art online or offline. Online websites can be used to convert your artwork into a print or poster, and selling it through eBay or Amazon can be a small and profitable business. 


Select a particular type of photography or videography and become a freelance photographer. It allows you to capture beautiful and unforgettable moments for someone. 


Blogging is a well-known side hustle and a very competitive market, but it is also one of the most rewarding ones. You have to write down the things you are passionate about and make a community out of them. 

Web Design

Designing a user-friendly website is the most profitable side hustle. It allows you to explore the desired niche and showcase your art on a large scale. 

Music Production

Music production is a creative process in which editing, recording, mixing, and mastering the audio to create that one piece of music can be a profitable side hustle. 

Selling Handmade Crafts

Selling handmade gifts or crafts at an event or online can be beneficial. Having a gift with the unique touch of an artist makes it valuable and important. Handmade craft is the more introverted thing, But if you are an introvert and don’t know handmade craft you can see more options for the Best side Hustles for Introverts

Become a tattoo artist

Becoming a tattoo artist requires training and a certificate, so complete all the legal processes beforehand. But it can be a full-time job or a side hustle for artists who love drawing. 

Makeup Artistry

Becoming a makeup artist or face painter can be a job as it’s in great demand. You can make a tremendous amount of money by exploring this side of your arty. 

Social Media Management for Artists

Freelancing as a social media manager is a side hustle. It can be beneficial for networking and reaching out to the audience. Even while creating content or posts, you can showcase your art. 

Calligraphy Services

A lettering artist can provide specialized font designs for a company or individual. You can sell those designs digitally on websites such as Creative Minds. 

Fashion Design

You can offer a hand to minor tailoring or boutiques if you are a textile artist. You can even provide embroidery classes or share your embroidery work online and serve the clients. 

Event Planning

As an event planner, you can be creative and make a hell of a lot of money. It can be beneficial for networking, and you can even organize an event to sell your artwork.


A voice artist can reach the target audience through podcasting. There are many radio jockey jobs in the market. By podcasting you can make $200 depending upon the content you make and it takes so much of shooting hours and editing. But if you need $200 in quick you can explore option of Side hustles to make quick $200 cash

Become an interior designer

You can work for a company or as a freelancer. Set your designs. Design a residential or commercial space for someone. 

Cake Decorating

Cake decorating can be a profitable side hustle for artists. You can explore this niche, and there are multiple options. You can even work in a bakery. 

Video Editing

Video editing is in great demand and can be very rewarding. You can freelance as a video or audio editor, apply for small gigs, and make a side income. 


There are hundreds of side hustle options available. As an artist, you should not limit yourself. You can showcase your artwork and make money from it in various ways. These side hustles can even serve as an additional income and provide financial aid. 

They allow you to passionately share your work by different means, whether as a tattoo artist or sharing prints of your artwork. Explore your artistic side and make a side income or a job out of these side hustles.


What creative ways can artists supplement their income through side hustles?

There are many ways, such as video editing, providing calligraphy services, or printing posters of your artwork. You can even sell your artwork online, which can be very cost-efficient and provide great income. 

How can artists balance their time pursuing art and engaging in profitable side hustles?  

Mix them by choosing the side hustle that allows you to explore your art. You can also set a specified time limit on engaging in those side hustles, leaving ample time to pursue your art. 

What are artists’ most lucrative side hustle opportunities in today’s market?

Blogging, social media management, and makeup artistry are in great demand. These will even allow you to share your story or art differently. 

How can artists effectively market their side hustle ventures while maintaining their artistic integrity?

You can set your ethics before entering the market. Don’t let those two roads combine in between. Keep your artistic side refined and pure, and don’t allow the side hustle to invade it. 

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