Side Hustles For Engineers

If you’re an engineer and want to earn some extra income outside of your regular job, there are some potential side hustles that you can explore. Here’s a detailed guide to help you find the right offline and online side hustles that might be worth your time.
Side Hustles For Engineers
Side Hustles For Engineers
A side hustle can be a great way to supplement your monthly income whole continuing to enjoy the benefits of your full-time position as an engineer. Let's read through the top potential side hustles for engineering professionals in the USA.
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One of the first questions you might want to ask is why anyone wants side hustles. Top executives and business decision-makers are working as a DJ or playing guitar at a party (professionally). Do they need extra bucks to meet their ends? It is doubtful that all side hustles can be linked to money. Some are purely passion-based decisions. However, a large majority of side hustles are for purely financial reasons. There are multiple side hustles for engineers that could help earn extra income.

From the complexities of freelancing on specialized engineering platforms to the realm of content production that combines technical intricacy with creativity, join us as we reveal the top side gigs explicitly designed for modern engineers if you’re prepared to embrace innovation. Use your engineering expertise and open doors you never would have thought of.

Top 5 Offline Side Hustles for Engineers

If you’re an engineer and want to earn some extra income outside of your regular job, there are some potential side hustles that you can explore. Let’s look at a popular side hustle for engineers to do offline:

Freelance Engineering Work

Businesses occasionally require technical solutions but are only willing to dedicate part-time, permanent staffing to the position. Here’s where you fit in. As an engineer, you can provide any service for which you are qualified. 

For instance, you could create software or product prototypes to meet a company’s demands or assess engineering drawings for compliance. You can use your personal network or sign up for a freelance website to immediately market your services.

AutoCAD services

Many businesses require 2D and 3D models, drawings, and plans. These businesses frequently want someone who can build a model or plan as a one-time service; they are not interested in engaging an AutoCAD designer full-time. Without realizing it, you’ve been preparing for this moment for years. 

As a freelancer in this side business, you can work from anywhere, giving you flexibility over time and where you work. Create an AutoCAD portfolio of your prior work before applying for such a position, and establish your prices based on your experience.

Consulting Services

Side Hustles For Engineers

Following the preceding recommendations, you might provide consultancy services for various engineering issues, like quality control. You might work for a consulting company part-time or on your own. If you opt to work for a firm, you won’t have to worry about client acquisition, but your flexibility will be reduced compared to working alone.

Freelance Technical Writing

Even though you might be more accustomed to working with figures and models than with words, writing can be profitable, especially if you’re willing to write about your chosen engineering specialty (mechanical engineering, biochemical engineering, etc.). Many firms desperately need someone who can write confidently from a technical perspective. 

Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing

“Penetration Testing” is a technique ethical hackers use to find known vulnerabilities in a network or website. If so, they’ll guide you on how to address them. You can work as a freelancer or for an established organization as an ethical hacker.

Although you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of this side project before you can begin, as an engineer, you most likely already possess the necessary technical know-how to put you ahead of other would-be hackers. (If you’ve worked with programming, you have a good foundation from which to start.)

Top 5 Online Side Hustles for Engineers

Here is a list of top online side jobs for engineers, whether you want to try something new or earn additional money.

Rent Out Your Storage Capacity

You can generate passive cash by renting out your extra digital storage capacity. With decentralized storage systems, you can generate income from idle storage space without making a sizable upfront commitment. All you need to do is choose your clients, set your pricing, and configure your server. Greater income potential equates to more storage space. Blockchain knowledge is not necessary. Even with limited technical expertise, renting a storage server is simple.

Freelancing on Engineering Platforms

Only some have the expertise to construct a website, even though almost every business needs one. Despite the abundance of tools available to streamline the process, a significant number of business owners still need to work on taking on the task of creating their company’s digital presence alone. You could assist them if you are skilled in design and engineering. First, make a portfolio listing some of the features and types of websites you can create, and then promote your services on freelance websites or within your personal network.

Online Tutoring and Courses

Side Hustles For Engineers

Many people, especially college students, require one-on-one engineering training. Examine the various websites, like, that you might use to launch a side business of tutoring. You can use websites like Udemy to build and offer your own course or courses! If you want to earn passive income, this is a terrific alternative because you can create and post the materials online, then sit back and watch the money pour in.

App and Software Development

App and software development continue to be lucrative side gigs for engineers in a world driven by digital technology. If you are skilled in coding languages like Python, Java, or Swift, you can create your own apps or work with companies to realize their ideas. You can sell your apps on platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which offer a global marketplace.

In addition, companies are always looking for software to make their processes run more smoothly. Creating bespoke software for small firms can be a lucrative endeavor that enables you to utilize your engineering expertise to solve practical issues.

Stock Photography and Graphics

Stock photography and graphic design present a distinctive opportunity for engineers with an eye for style to make money from their artistic talents. Technical diagrams, schematics, and circuit designs are engineering-related visuals in great demand in publications, presentations, and instructional materials. You may publish your designs on sites like Canva, Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock and sell them to a large audience. In addition to making money, this side project allows you to maintain your engineering origins while showcasing your creative side.


Your technical expertise, creative thinking, and problem-solving approach as an engineer might lead to various internet side gigs. The internet world provides chances to show off your abilities, network with like-minded people, and discover new areas within your specialty. Whether you freelance, teach, produce content or go into e-commerce, the options are unlimited.

Accept the world of internet side gigs, and you’ll see your engineering knowledge blossom into a lucrative online business. If you do not have the time for a side hustle and require emergency funds, check out Beem for your short-term small finance needs. You can withdraw anywhere between $5-$1000 using Beem without credit checks, income restrictions or due dates.


Do engineers have time for a side hustle?

Thanks to their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, engineers are constantly eager to take on new side projects. Therefore, they are uniquely positioned to succeed in online side gigs.

How many hours a day do engineers work?

Engineers’ working hours can vary based on their particular field and the demands of their jobs. Engineers typically put in between 40 and 50 hours a week at their jobs. Nonetheless, some professions could demand longer hours; for example, project management or construction workers would need to work overtime on weekends.

How much time should I dedicate to a side hustle as an engineer?

It’s critical to prioritize self-care and balance your time commitments and academic demands. If you’re starting a side gig besides your full-time career, 1-2 hours daily is an excellent place to start.

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