7 proven ways to make money using ChatGPT


1. Use ChatGPT to translate your ideas into a product you can build and make money.

2. Use Dall-E to create AI images, illustrations, logos, and sketches and sell them online.

3. Use ChatGPT to generate new ideas for your business. This can help you earn big bucks.

4. Create an AI chatbot and sell it to businesses, educational institutions, apps, and more.

5. Use the right prompts for ChatGPT to help you become more productive and quick at work.

6. ChatGPT plugins allow you to create video ideas. Use them to make videos and earn money.

7. Canva released a ChatGPT plugin. Use the impressive feature to make your creatives better.

Use Beem, the AI-powered smart wallet app, to budget better and build your wealth.