How Ohio's vote on Issue 1 can impact abortion access in the US


Ohio voters are deciding on Issue 1 to protect reproductive medical treatment rights, including abortion.

If passed, it would prevent Ohio from restricting abortion before viability (generally 24-26 weeks).

It could also create legal protection for those assisting with abortions.

Currently, Ohio bans abortions at 22 weeks or later, allowing physicians to perform the procedure.

The amendment allows abortion bans after viability, except for life/health danger.

Unlike other states, the proposal doesn't specify which healthcare professionals can perform abortions.

If passed, Ohio would be the seventh state to protect abortion rights post-Roe vs Wade.

If it fails, a six-week abortion ban may be reinstated, as previously attempted in Ohio.

A federal judge blocked the six-week ban in 2019, but its status remains uncertain.

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