‘Inside Out 2' budget: How the original fared at the box office


‘Inside Out 2’ is the highly-anticipated 29th installment in Pixar's lineup, releasing on June 14, 2024.

Directed by Kelsey Mann, it follows Riley in her teenage years, introducing a new emotion.

The original, ‘Inside Out’ (2015), did extremely well as one of the highest-grossing Pixar films.

With a budget of just $175 million, ‘Inside Out’ grossed over $858 million at the box office globally.

Pixar's sequel budget remains undisclosed but could be strategic given the original's popularity.

The original's positive reception sets the stage for a promising financial performance for the sequel.

The sequel sees Amy Poehler return as the voice of Joy and Maya Hawke voices a new emotion.

‘Inside Out 2’ benefits from the anticipation built by the first movie's success. Watch the trailer now. 

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