Long lines at Disney Parks: 8 tips to avoid them on your next trip


1. Prepare a list of what rides you want to go on and arrive an hour before the parks open.

2. Some rides may be operational until the last minute. Stay late and, if you get lucky, hop on.

3. Christmas, Spring, and peak Summer seasons are super busy. Go off-season for a line-free experience.

4. Look out for rides with single riders and take advantage of the empty spots.

5. Check if Disney has a rider switch option. Swap with the other person without standing in the line.

6. Watching the parades is fun. But use the time to get on rides when everyone else is distracted.

7. Instead of waiting in line for food, order through Disneyland or the My Disney Experience app.

8. Scan bar codes at stores in Disneyland to pay faster and avoid the long queues.

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