Movember: 6 iconic mustaches and how you can grow them


A mustache is a style symbol. It adds character to your face and a sense of authority.

The month of No Shave November or Movember is a nod to raising funds for cancer.

 With Movember here, growing a mustache adds a cause to the style. Here are six iconic styles to rock.

1. Pencil: Use clippers or scissors to create a thin shape and finish the edges with a straight razor.

2. Handlebar: Let it grow long. Brush from the center to the side, and twist the ends.

3. Horseshoe: Grow a full goatee, remove hair on the chin and cheeks. Leave the sides of the mustache.

4. Dallas: Shave hair on the face, neck, and cheeks. Trim your mustache to the desired length.

5. Walrus: Once your hair is long enough, trim the sides in line with the corners of your mouth.

6. Stached stubble: Trim facial hair with a trimmer, keeping a 2mm setting. Go over your face evenly.

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