Olive Garden Holiday Merch 2023: How to get the best deals


Olive Garden Holiday Merch 2023 is a promotion by the Italian-American restaurant chain.

The event, up to December 24, features special dishes, cocktails, desserts and merchandise.

Get an Olive Garden “To-Go” bag for $30 with three socks of breadsticks, bowls of soup, and salads.

There is $10 off a $50 gift card. Use it for friends and family, or treat yourself to a delicious meal.

Olive Garden’s EClub members receive exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year.

You can also buy a $47 Season’s Gratings sweatshirt and a Season’s Gratings pajama set for $27.

From Nov 20, you can order your favorite cheese graters from the Olive Garden website for $15.

You can also purchase a breadstick plushie for your pet during the holidays for just $27.

The Olive Garden chain has a total assets amounting to nearly $2.84 billion in 2023.

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