Why Taylor Swift is missing Travis Kelce's Chiefs vs Eagles game


Taylor Swift will not attend the Chiefs vs Eagles game due to her Eras Tour concert in Rio.

Despite Swift's absence, Kelce and Swift's parents are expected to meet during the game.

The pop star postponed her Saturday show in Rio after a fan, Ana Clara Benevides, died.

Swift expressed grief and performed ‘Bigger Than the Whole Sky’ as a tribute to the college student.

Kelce, meanwhile, addressed how he and Swift met, revealing a mutual connection played Cupid.

Kelce received a text from Swift, leading to the beginning of their relationship.

The couple has been public about their relationship since Sept 2023 and are often seen together.

Kelce is also excited about converting Swift's dad, a lifelong Eagles fan, into a Kansas City supporter.

Travis Kelce’s net worth is $30 million while Taylor Swift has hit billionaire status in 2023.

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