Welcome to Beem! Your Sign-up Guide

Do anything and everything with the new and upgraded Beem app. To sign up and try the new Beem app experience, follow these simple three steps that we’ve put together in this guide. Read on to start Beem-ing!
Welcome to Beem! Your Sign-up Guide
Welcome to Beem! As an exclusive move, we’re inviting you to be one of the first to get early access so you can experience the app with all the features. Before you take off on that journey, here’s a little background.
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The wait is finally over. Line, the #1 AI-powered Smart Wallet app for working-class Americans across 5,200 cities, is now officially Beem. With Beem, you can now Beem cash for emergencies, buy groceries, pay for gas, rent and medicines, as well as send, receive and move money to anyone, anywhere, anytime, even if they don’t have the Beem app. Do anything and everything with the new and upgraded Beem app. To sign up and try the new Beem app experience, follow these simple three steps that we’ve put together in this guide.

Step 1

Click on the link below to open your exclusive invite and get TestFlight access on your phone or tab. TestFlight is a partner platform that allows you to download the beta version of our Beem app to test and share your feedback so we can identify any issues or bugs before we launch the app in public.

Step 2

Once you have TestFlight installed on your device, open the Beem app and click on “Accept”. This allows you to accept our terms and conditions before using the app to make your experience seamless.

Step 3

Click on “Install” and the Beem app will start downloading on your device. Once the app is installed, you can open it and begin your easy sign in process. All you have to do is sign in with your registered Line email or phone number.

What’s Beem-ing!

Once you’ve completed this Beem Guide, check out all the new features Beem-ing your way!

  • New flexible subscription plans (free plan and a lower tier plan of $1.97/month)
  • #1 alternative to instant cash advance (called Everdraft) for your financial emergencies like paying bills, groceries, gas, medicines and more
  • Instant money transfer: Send, receive and move money online in one click.
  • Manage money better: Personalized budget planner, overdraft alerts and reminders of upcoming bills and subscriptions
  • Tax filing: File federal & state taxes for free, including multi-state filing, W2 or 1099, single or joint, all combinations supported at no cost!
  • Cashbacks up to 20% on everyday spends on your favorite brands.
  • Monitor and grow your Credit Score.
  • Identity Theft Protection with $1 million insurance.

Everything Beem

The new and upgraded app comes with a host of features and benefits that you can try and use. Here is a more in-depth look at everything Beem.

Beem allows users to send, receive and withdraw money from the Smart Wallet, buy a gift card for loved ones and get cashback on 5000+ retailers. A wealth of resources are available on BEEM to make financial management easier and available just a click away. Users can get insurance recommendations, tax filing guidance, financial health reports and free credit checks.

Beem’s Instant Cash feature is now called Everdraft. This feature will continue to give users cash for emergencies that they can unlock by meeting very simple qualification requirements. The Beem subscription also guarantees identity protection insurance, credit monitoring, overdraft fee protection, transaction tracking and smart budget insights to better save, spend, and plan finances. Beem’s Rewards Program offers the chance to win points and cash, and get instant transfer free. The Beem Index also gives access to financial health recommendations and services. To learn more, click here.

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