What Is the 3 Gift Rule for Christmas: A Meaningful Approach

The 3 gift rule for Christmas is not common, but some families still follow the years-old tradition. Here’s all you need to know about it!
What Is the 3 Gift Rule for Christmas: A Meaningful Approach
Buying gifts for Christmas, especially in the last minute can be quite a task. We're here to make it easy for you with the 3-gift rule.
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Did you know about the 3 gift rule for Christmas? While we can pick up a dozen gifts in the last-minute hustle of the season, the day actually holds a lot of meaning. So why shouldn’t the gifts have meaning too? The 3 gift rule for Christmas is not common, but some families still follow the years-old tradition. 

What is This 3 Gift Christmas Rule All About?

The story dates back to the birth of Jesus and is about the three wise men who brought their gifts to see the baby Jesus. The gifts they bought were:

  • Gold, which is considered to be very precious and of great worth. 
  • Frankincense is spiritually valued.
  • Myrrh, which represents something for the body.

All these three gifts hold a different kinds of value. Throughout the years, the idea has remained the same but the choice of gifts has varied.

How to Choose Gifts Now

Something people want: This can be about what is precious to them. It could be a toy, electronics, or a game that they have been waiting patiently to get. 

Something people need: This can be clothing, food, shoes or anything else that is used by them often.

Something to read: A book! Yes, you can give books, novels, magazines, cookbooks, or any other kind of book that interests them. 

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Why You Should Follow the 3 Gift Rule for Christmas?

We all know that over the years, the holiday season has become more commercialized. Be it enjoying movies at home or having fun outside, the idea of gifting your loved ones the perfect present is always on our minds. It’s always the idea that more and bigger gifts mean the more you are loved or love them. That is how we see it portrayed in Christmas images, like the trees with so many wrapped presents under them. But that is not what Christmas is all about. Let’s see why families still follow the 3-gift rule and if you can incorporate the same.

It is Cost-Efficient

The holiday season can make you spend a lot on gifts. Gifts are pricey! You can save money by cutting down on the number of gifts you want to give. 

A Meaningful Message

The 3 gifts have a certain meaning to them. When you give gifts, they should mean something. It is better to give one meaningful gift to the person than just stacking up a whole lot of gifts. Giving presents that are used, wanted and needed can add meaning. 

Helps You Learn to be Content 

The concept of the 3 gift rule will teach kids that with just a few presents you can be happy this Christmas.  

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