10 Ways to Make Extra Money This Christmas

If you are trying to save, earn to buy something special or simply avoid debts, it’s time for you to get to work! Let’s explore 10 easy ways to make extra money and enjoy your Christmas to the fullest.
10 Ways to Make Extra Money This Christmas
It's that time of the year again when we are overwhelmed with family dinners, gatherings with friends and gifts from our loved ones. The holiday season also brings with it extra expenses. Shelling out that little extra money may be a tough challenge.
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There are many ways to earn extra money during the Christmas season. These opportunities can be quite fulfilling too. If you are trying to save, earn to buy something special or simply avoid debts, it’s time for you to get to work!

Let’s explore 10 easy ways to make extra money and enjoy your Christmas to the fullest.

Work in Retail Stores

During the holiday season, people throng retail stores for festival shopping, hence there is an urgent need for extra help. Stores make temporary hires to handle the holiday traffic. This is your chance to try your hands with sales and take advantage of this opportunity to make some extra money.

Drive Part-Time for Ridesharing Companies

On-demand rides are very popular these days. If you have a car and you enjoy driving, then driving for companies like Uber or Lyft could be an interesting option for you. 

During the holidays, more people prefer ridesharing. They may need to-fro transport from the airport or rides to family gatherings or holiday picnics. Thus these services will give you a good option to earn extra money during Christmas.

Take Surveys Online

Online surveys might not make you rich instantly but they are a good way to earn some extra bucks, gift cards, or discount vouchers. They are simple and fun, and the best part is you can complete these surveys from the comfort of your couch.

These survey sites are free to join and have no special requirements. You just need your phone and some spare time. So sign up for a bunch of these websites and start earning. 

Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

You can make some Christmas money by selling items from around your home that you don’t need anymore. You can sell your unused clothes, last year’s decorations, extra furniture, or anything that’s just lying around your house. Something might not be of use to you but might come in handy for someone else. 

You can either conduct a personalized yard sale or join online Facebook groups or go on Craigslist or eBay to list your home items and earn some extra holiday money

Go mystery shopping

Mystery shopping can be a fun way to go on a shopping spree and earn for your shopping. There are several mystery shopping companies, you just need some research and sign up with these companies.

Free sites allow mystery shops on calls also or just send in online inquiries. How wonderful is it to earn while you shop instead of just spending on your shopping!


Holiday time means that there will be an additional demand for babysitting. Parents will need to go out for Christmas parties and corporate dinners and are always looking for some good help to keep their kids safe at home.

If you love kids then this is the best way for you to make some extra money this holiday season. If you don’t find someone who needs a babysitter in your neighborhood, you can try Facebook groups or search online for babysitting jobs. 

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

If you live in colder regions and like walking dogs in the chilly winter, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to earn some extra income. 

People are always looking for someone to take care of their pets when they are away from home, or just to take their pooch out for a walk. Just like babysitting, pet sitting is also a quick option to make some holiday money.

Cooking and Baking

Home bakers are highly in demand during the Christmas holidays, so if you think you can make awesome cakes and lip-smacking dishes, you can make a fortune using your culinary skills. 

Families who prefer to relax and enjoy their holidays, usually look out for good home bakers and cooks to outsource their meal preparation. 

Sell DIY Gifts

If you are good at DIYs then you may be in high demand during Christmas. People are looking for innovative personalized gift ideas. If you can create some interesting items and market them well on social media, you have a good chance of making some extra money with your artistic skills.

House Cleaning

It is less than a week before Christmas, and everyone has got busy with the preparations. With such little time on hand, many people need help organizing their homes, doing that extra bit of cleaning, and adding the final Christmas decorations.

You can make extra money by making someone’s Christmas special by helping them spruce up their home. Won’t it be a fulfilling and satisfying way to celebrate your Christmas!

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