13 Fun Things To Do At Home For New Year 2021

As this unpredictable year comes to an end, let’s focus is on welcoming the New Year with positivity while ensuring safety measures are in place. Here are some suggestions to celebrate responsibly.
Happy 2021, my friends!
13 Fun Things To Do At Home For New Year 2021
We are all set to bid goodbye to the year 2020 as it is nearing its end. However, this year has been slightly offbeat with too many restrictions and unexpected surprises that we have never experienced before. Everyone is looking for brighter days ahead and no one is going to miss 2020 when it’s gone.

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The celebrations for New Year’s Eve are to welcome it with positivity. Go wild just like all the past year but with safety measures and that is where the challenge lies and to some extent a big let-down this year.

The CDC has recommended a few safety rules like keeping indoor celebrations to just your household or going virtual for outdoor celebrations if you want to see your friends and family. So please party hard and start the New Year off with good health minus the coronavirus.

Here are a few things to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020.

Begin Your Party Late Or Wind Up Early

The temperatures are dipping low and hence an outdoor New Year’s Eve celebration could be tricky. If you are desperate to go outdoors then it is better to go for an early outdoor celebration and dinner then sign off by sending everyone home to ring in the new year separately or delay the celebration by asking the guests to arrive closer to midnight to countdown to 2021 together in person, even briefly.

If you are hesitant then starting the party virtually and then gathering everyone outdoors for a brief time later that night is also a good idea.

Light Up And Decorate Your Party Space

New Year is all about high decibel music with disco lights and that is nowhere possible because of the current crisis. No worries instead try to ring in the New Year with a glam party at home, bring a little extra sparkle to your celebration space.

We breathe technology in every minute of our lives today so get on those high-tech twinkly lights that can be programmed to shift colors in sync with the music you’re playing to give you a more clubby feeling.

Leave The Past Behind

Past can be memorable and sometimes forgettable too so if you’re looking to forget the bad things in the past then New Year is the way to go. If you are warming up around the fire pit, people can write down the things they want to let go of and toss them into the fire. Sounds silly, but gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Having said that COVID-19 has taught us so much like being content with what we have, frugal spending, and savings that are very much essential moving forward.

Fill Your Menu With Good Luck Foods

Take an effort to bring in happiness and make the next year better even if it is superstitious or making a feast of several cultures’ versions of good luck food. Long noodles symbolize a prosperous and long life in Japan, and black-eyed peas (stewed with collard greens and ham hocks) are good luck in the South. Foods that resemble cash or coins or are gold in hues like dumplings, mandarins, cornbread, cabbage, lentils, and greens—are believed to help bring you prosperity in the New Year. Germans have a practice of eating cute marzipan pigs for an auspicious start to the New Year including pickled herring.

And at midnight, you can follow the Spanish tradition of popping 12 grapes, one for each stroke of the clock, to get a fresh start for the New Year.

Remember, for the New Year’s toast let the guests pour their own champagne or wine.

Go Wild No Harm

Celebrating outdoors is not advisable but that does not mean you start worrying about the mess. So go ahead and break out the streamers, confetti, and silly string, and light up the sparklers. Of course, be wary about the environment and use eco-friendly options for fun party favors.

No crackers please, but if you like making some noise to scare away bad luck, bang some pots and pans, or break out the noisemakers.

Let The New Year’s Kiss Be Safe

A peck on the cheek during New Year’s Eve is a time-honored tradition—but stick around with someone from your own household when you do it. Social distancing should never be compromised at any point while celebrating.

How About Staying Comfy

It’s all in your mind the way you look at things. If you are the kind of person who loves less noise and still wants to make it look special then pop a bottle of your favorite drink, with some delicious foods aside and curl up on the couch and wait for the countdown.

For formality, host a video call for a virtual toast and wish your loved ones so people feel happy that you wished them.

Simple, satisfying, and special! Isn’t it?

Binge-Watching All Night Long

There is enough content available on OTT for you to binge-watch till the countdown begins in 2020. Never stop in the New Year go on and finish those pending seasons before the new ones arrive leaving you behind. Now don’t go on watching everything that is out there instead read the reviews and lock your movies/web series.

Happy binge watching!

20$ Plan For New Year

Not to mention the empty pockets that have been haunting everyone due to the surge in coronavirus cases. We completely understand the dearth of cash and that is why we have a 20$ plan to celebrate the New Year without disappointing the kids who waited all year for this.

  • New Year’s Banners from Party City for $7.99
  • Gold and black streamers from Michael’s for only $3.99
  • Metallic Fringe Squawkers 8ct for $2.49
  • Pizazz to your table from Party City for $3.49
  • Grab a pack of the Gold Champagne Flutes from Target for only $4

Choose from the above-mentioned decoration items and enjoy. Are you still thinking? Go for an emergency fund and have a bash!

Lovely Star Gazing

When you are close to nature and if you can admire the creation of the same there is nothing that can replace the excitement you experience out of it.

Stargazing is one such thing that gives you the desired happiness and helps you forget your worries.it makes you feel in awe looking at the night sky. Imagine spotting a shooting star and making the wish for the New Year! Or at least one of Elon Musk’s many satellites.

If you can’t find any stars that particular night then grab some blankets, a glass of beer and wait for the fireworks to light up the sky in real-time.

PJ Party

Now, the present situation gives you a reason to become lazy and stop thinking too much about the celebrations. The spirits are low and there is nothing special about this year except the fact that mankind witnessed something shocking and scary in the form of COVID-19.

This one is for those who want to chuck the idea and grab anything cozy — from blankets and duvets to sleeping bags and cushions — and collect them in the living room to create the ultimate sleepover space.

Maybe, you’re probably already in your pj’s, so relax, get snuggly in your bedroom and binge Netflix until you all doze off only to wake up the next morning in the New Year!

Let Everyone Bring A Course

Celebrations of New Year are all about food and drinks, why not because the dinner parties are great. But spending hours in the kitchen can put some people off and might even lose out the fun as you are busy arranging stuff.

Leave all your stress behind and simplify your work by organizing the main course yourself and asking guests to bring dessert and appetizers. As long as they don’t have to do the cleaning and washing up, they won’t mind!

Super Sweet Treat

Like we said earlier if the party begins just a few hours before the countdown to the New Year and if the guests are not allowed to lay their hands on dessert (sigh), make the final event worth waiting for and set up a table full of sweet treats. Bite-sized versions will allow guests to snack on their favorites throughout the evening; and meringue nests, mini eclairs, macarons, or cheesecake cups are all great options.

And one final thing before you are lost in getting ready for the celebrations, make sure older adults and people who have certain health conditions — including lung disease, heart disease, obesity, or a weakened immune system — are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill and contract COVID-19 complications.

When deciding and preparing beforehand how you can safely celebrate New Year’s, check whether you or anyone in your household is at high risk for coronavirus complications and whether you will be able to take appropriate steps to stay safe.

Happy New Year Folks! Have a BLAST!

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Karthik Viveka

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