Best Car Insurance For Seniors

In this article, you can analyze the top seven car insurance options for seniors. We look forward to you having a safe and smooth drive ahead.
Best Car Insurance For Seniors
Looking for the best and perfect car insurance for seniors? You need to consider factors such as driving experience, health, offered discounts, among others, for optimal coverage. 
In this article

Looking for the best and perfect car insurance for seniors? You need to consider factors such as driving experience, health, offered discounts, among others, for optimal coverage.

In this article, you can analyze the top seven car insurance options for seniors. We look forward to you having a safe and smooth drive ahead.

Top 7 Best Car Insurance For Seniors

When you are looking for car insurance, multiple factors should be prioritized. These aspects include low premiums, best customer service, and high customer ratings. Specifying your needs and finding the respective car insurance company plays a vital role in final decision-making.

Here is a list of the top 7 best car insurance companies for seniors. Let’s take a look.


Progressive offers a large variety of insurance products. They make sure that customer needs are satisfied. This car insurance service offers a lower-than-average rate when compared to others. Additionally, a low compliance level makes it a worthwhile choice.


  • Available in 50 states across the country.
  • Features and coverage options like rideshare and gap insurance.
  • Average driver rate per DUI availability.



Nationwide is among the most prominent car insurance in the US. This company has a low rate for senior drivers, drivers with low credit scores and parents who add their children (ages 16 to 19) to their car insurance policy.

Customer complaints for this insurance company are lower. Moreover, users enjoy variable coverage options and benefits. 


  • Low customer complaints.
  • Driver rates are comparatively lower.
  • Offers usage-based and pay-per-mile insurance.


  • No rideshare insurance.
  • If the driver has a DUI, their rates are not among the cheapest.


Erie car insurance is available in 12 states. It offers one of the highest CRASH Network grades (A-). This score is identifiable based on insurance handling and related policies. This includes factors such as claim handling, quality repairs and payment procedures. 

Erie has add-on coverage options for forgiveness in accidents, new replacement options, and a diminishing deductible. 


  • A- collision repair grade.
  • Rate Lock keeps the same rate every year unless a policy change is initialized. 
  • Low senior driver, driver parent with teen rates.
  • Erie has a driver safety application, YourTurn.


  • Lower credit rate drivers face higher rates.
  • YourTurn does not offer many car discount options. 


This car insurance platform offers competitive rates for good drivers. It offers lower rates to drivers with speeding tickets or past records, including DUIs. USAA provides coverage for its members and users as well. This company was started for the military community and offers financial services to active military users, veterans, and their loved ones.


  • Usage-based insurance programs lead to discounts of up to 30%.
  • Accident forgiveness and new car replacement options.
  • Rideshare coverage ensured.


  • Available for military and veteran families only.
  • No vanishing deductible.
  • No gap options.


This car insurance company has the second-lowest customer complaints ratio, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) says. Auto-Owners offers low senior car insurance rates as well. 


  • Very low complaint level.
  • Good claim processing score from CRASH Network.
  • Auto-owner policies include regular discounts and schemes like life insurance. 


  • No SR-22s or usage-based insurance.
  • Rates are higher for drivers with poor credit scores.
  • Comparatively increased rates for parents with teens when compared to other car insurance companies.


A customer with bad credit should go to Geico. This platform has one of the lowest senior driver rates, even for the ones with record drawbacks. Moreover, lower-than-average rates for good drivers are available here, too. 

Geico is open for use in all 50 states and offers the majority of car insurance types. However, rideshare insurance and GAP insurance are where this company falls short.


  • Ideal car insurance rates for drivers, even with low credit scores. 
  • Desirable for drivers with accidents and speeding tickets.
  • This platform can unlock potential future savings for good drivers. 


  • Higher rates for drivers with a DUI.
  • No GAP insurance options.
  • No new car replacement and vanishing deductibles. 


Travelers are among the car insurance companies that offer cheap GAP insurance rates. This feature makes this platform good for drivers who want investment protection on their new vehicles. Customers get discounts on new vehicles and hybrid or electric cars as well!


  • Low senior driver rates.
  • Low gap insurance rates after USAA.
  • Accident forgiveness norms applicable.


  • No distinguishable benefits to parents with teens.
  • No SR-22s.
  • Rideshare insurance applies to some regions only.


In a world where multiple senior car insurance options are available, choosing the right one may seem difficult. Fear not! Beem brings in the perfect solution to make your journey effortless. You can get personalized car insurance quotes from the industry leaders on the AI-powered Beem Super App. This platform is your one-stop solution to getting senior car insurance. Compare rates and services and find the best coverage for your needs in no time on Beem.


What are the biggest factors affecting car insurance rates for seniors?

Driving records, DUIs, credit scores, age, and multiple other factors affect car insurance rates for seniors. 

Are there any discounts available for senior drivers?

Yes, senior drivers have the comfort of getting discounts. These offers are given based on safe driving records and defensive driving course completions. 

How much car insurance coverage do seniors really need?

Personal requirements and situations differentiate car insurance amount and coverage. However, one should opt for comprehensive coverage, whenever available. 

What are some reputable insurance companies known for offering good rates to seniors?

Insurance companies offer high rates to seniors. You can compare these rates on Beem, the perfect platform to find your senior car insurance. 

Besides cost, what other factors should seniors consider when choosing car insurance?

Seniors can look for customer service, reviews, coverage and gap options, discounts, and other factors besides cost.

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