Best Side Hustles For Therapists

Is it challenging to manage costs on a therapist’s income? Investigate successful side hustles that suit your love for helping others while providing financial security and freedom.
Best Side Hustles For Therapists
Best Side Hustles For Therapists
This article discusses various excellent side hustles for therapists. Such roles can provide additional income and impart new abilities that are beneficial for progressing a career in therapy.
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Working as a therapist is often rewarding, but it can be hard to earn sufficient income to manage the costs of life. Therapists may desire a larger home or wish to enroll their children in private schools where the fees are high. Working a second job can be profitable for therapists, allowing them to earn extra income while continuing with their passion: assisting others.

13 Best Side Hustles For Therapists

Online Counseling

  • Start a therapy practice that includes group sessions or counseling via the Internet. This could give you a regular income and let you assist more kinds of clients, helping to grow your knowledge.
  • During online counseling, you listen carefully to what your clients are facing and work together to plan how to address these troubles, improving the general health of their minds.
  • Collaboration of physical therapists and therapists can make a huge profit. But if you are a physical therapist and aren’t able to collab with a therapist you can explore different side hustle options for physical therapists

Public Speaking

  • To become a public speaker, you must acquire the skill to communicate your understanding to many people simultaneously instead of only talking with one or two people in a confined area.
  • Additionally, you have much flexibility when you become a public speaker because you cannot give daily presentations.


If you are passionate about speaking and educating, starting a podcast or audio series centered on therapy could capture your interest. This might involve joining forces with other professionals in the therapy field, exchanging successful experiences, and offering essential perspectives to listeners. Moreover, it’s possible to earn money by securing sponsors or placing advertisements in your content.

Relationship Coaching

As a relationship coach, your goal is to assist people in creating better and more fulfilling connections. This includes partnerships, the bond between parents and their kids (whether young or grown-ups), interactions with colleagues at work, and friendships.

Guest Lecturing

Offer your knowledge in universities or colleges by giving guest lectures. Subjects vary from practical methods used in clinics to theory-based concepts within psychology. It improves how students learn, makes you seen as a specialist in your area, and grows your network for work.

Mental Health Blogging

Start a blog about the mind’s well-being. You can write articles to share knowledge, advice, and personal stories. Use this space to teach people, change how they see mental health problems, and give them helpful information. Monetize the blog through ads, sponsored content, or by offering premium content. Mental health blog makes a huge impact on the users who are struggling if you are among the users you can try Journaling

Life Coaching

As someone who does therapy in your practice, you already help people with their lives. Have you considered getting into the coaching industry and applying your skills to assist others in reaching their objectives?

To become a life coach, you can learn more because you likely have most of the necessary information. But it might be good to do an online course, whether gratis or not, as guidance to start correctly.

Parenting Workshops

Conducting engaging parenting workshops offers parents the chance to keep learning about how to be good parents and gain the self-assurance required to manage their kids.

Parenting covers many areas, so workshops on this subject might discuss various aspects. Additionally, one can independently organize and charge fees for these parenting workshops in churches, community halls, or even from their workspace.

YouTube Channel

Nowadays, many professionals looking for extra money are using YouTube, and it would be good for you to start as well. As a therapist, you have much knowledge to help people watching your videos. YouTube does not give you money for the videos, but there are various ways to earn income through your channel. With the YouTube Partner program, you can place advertisements in your videos and make an income depending on how often they are watched.

Develop Online Course

If you wish to use your professional experience differently, consider teaching or creating courses online. This would be a chance to share what you’ve learned through private work with those studying medicine and others interested in this area.

Teletherapy Services

  • Therapy through telehealth is a good choice for therapists to earn extra income and grow their skills because many people need this service, as shown by its high pay.
  • This side hustle for therapists is good because it offers improved flexibility for work, making it possible to connect with clients across the globe and at any time through the Internet.

Art Therapy Sessions

To be an art therapist, you use art to help with emotional and mental problems. These therapists assist people in expressing their feelings and improving their mental health by engaging in creative activities. The study in Arts & Health points out the sound effects of art therapy, particularly for kids.

Career Counseling

Career counseling helps people choose their job path, make the most of work chances, and progress in their careers. It also guides education options, improving skills, and making a career plan. This underscores a significant opportunity for you to offer career counseling services. Career counseling is most important for every individual who has no idea about life or a career This process helps you Boost Your Financial Wellness and Mental Health


As a physical therapy employee, you have several choices for side jobs that could provide more flexibility and a better balance between work and home life. No matter your circumstances, it’s worth exploring these alternatives to earn more money while still working in your primary job. Consider leveraging platforms like Beem to manage your finances efficiently and make the most of your side hustle earnings.


What side hustles offer therapists additional income while utilizing their counseling skills?

Therapists have extra ways to make money using their counseling talents, such as counseling online, leading workshops, advising companies on health programs, writing blogs, and giving public talks. These changes help therapists use their knowledge of mental well-being to earn more income and do good things outside their usual therapy work.

How can therapists find flexible side hustle opportunities that complement their therapy practice?

Therapists can discover flexible part-time jobs that allow them to use their abilities. They must discuss when they can provide services to clients and colleagues.

What are some side jobs with less stress for therapists to avoid feeling too tired while they make more money?

Therapists can find less stressful extra work by counseling online, offering coaching services, consulting, and taking courses online. These options provide adaptability and don’t require too much stress to make more money.

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