Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

Are you a physical therapist looking for additional income opportunities? Discover successful side hustles that correlate with your experience and passion, allowing you to broaden your financial horizons while making a significant difference.
Side Hustles for Physical Therapists
Side Hustles for Physical Therapists
Are you eager to increase your earning potential in physical therapy? Explore a plethora of side hustle opportunities targeted to your talents and interests. Let's look at these fantastic options further!
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The year 2026 is anticipated to witness an approximately 28% hike in the demand rate for physical therapists at the American Physical Therapy Association. Physiotherapy facilities merely encompass the increasing demand for this field and its expanding scope of practice. 

In light of the continuous development in healthcare, there’s a growing acknowledgment of the role of prevention and a holistic approach to wellness. In this blog post, let’s understand the side hustles of physical therapists. 

9 Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy Author

There are several options for writing about physical therapy, from creating content for blogs and websites to writing for trade journals. Therapists can use their knowledge to write books, patient handouts, or instructional materials and they strongly recommend journaling. You can also specialize in a physical therapy niche, such as for pediatric or geriatric ( elderly ) patients, which helps you target specific audiences and generate more revenue.


Therapists can consult with patients remotely and create treatment programs using telehealth services. This flexible alternative allows you to work from a distance and still provide high-quality care. You can advertise your telehealth services on social media and other marketing platforms. Moreover, you can develop personalized healthcare programs and regimens for your patients and help them get the best treatment.


Physical therapists can provide consultation services to healthcare facilities, fitness centers, and sports teams. Their expertise in preventing injuries, recovering from them, and improving performance is valuable. You can also organize free consultation camps, seminars, and workshops to advertise yourself. 

Digital Entrepreneurship: Online Businesses and Blogging

Therapists with an entrepreneurial spirit can start blogs or internet enterprises focused on wellness, health, and physical therapy. This route may provide passive income streams through product sales, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing. You can also use social media to increase traffic to your blogs.

Physical Therapy Educator

Therapists can impart their knowledge through creating online training courses and giving guest lectures at institutions. In this way, you can influence the therapists of the future with their side projects. You can also write books, research papers, or theses to impart your knowledge to other aspiring individuals. This will also help you generate a passive income while allowing you to educate others.


Therapists might look into opportunities for freelance writing in their industry. You can produce educational materials, contribute to trade journals, or ghostwrite for other pros. You can also partner with high-end institutions or publishing companies to write about popular notions related to physical therapy. For example, you can release educational materials like a book or research paper compiling all the cases you have witnessed over the years.

Cash-based Practices

Therapists who wish to offer services not covered by insurance can open a cash-only practice. This side of the business meets clients’ individual needs while offering freedom and the possibility of better revenue. You can also introduce membership-based pricing offers and other schemes to attract more customers to your practice. You can also advertise in nearby hospitals using brochures and mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Home Health Visits

Therapists can visit the patient at home and provide therapy services there, for example, for the elderly, disabled, or someone who is confined in a home and has mobility issues. This side gig allows therapists to offer individualized therapy in a cozy setting. You can also collaborate with other health service providers to run a separate service for elderly individuals who don’t have the luxury of visiting clinics or hospitals daily for their health issues. 

Reviewing Medical Products

Physical therapists can maximize their knowledge by evaluating and recommending medical devices, equipment, and technology. Many businesses will respect and appreciate your insights into their products, which will, in turn, help you generate passive income while doing good for the world. 


Physical therapists are knowledgeable and skilled individuals who can make much money doing various side hustles. By exploring these opportunities, therapists can follow their passions, diversify their sources of income, and perhaps build a long-term company. To successfully manage your funds while pursuing your side hustle efforts, try Beem, an AI-powered Super App, to get a quick cash advance with no credit checks, interest, due date, and income limits.


In which setting can a physical therapist make the most money?

What makes physical therapists more attractive than they would be in hospitals is their rates of pay, which are higher in private outpatient clinics, extended care organizations (SNI), and in-home healthcare settings. 

How can a physical therapist make money at home?    

Physical therapists can also work at home, providing tele-physiotherapy, and make income through blogging, writing, product reviews, online coaching and consulting, and creating instructional materials. 

What field of Physical Therapy pays the most?

Due to their high demand and knowledge, physical therapists who work in highly demanded subspecialties such as sports medicine, pediatrics, or geriatrics can expect to be compensated more. 

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