Cash Now Pay Later: Why millennials and Gen Zers love it

While Cash Now Pay Later hasn’t fully been explored to its potential, younger generations will most likely crown it as the most favored digital payment option out there.
Cash Now Pay Later: Why millennials and Gen Zers love it
Cash Now Pay Later (CNPL) has become a 2021 trend. And by the looks of it, the easy cash option has appealed and caught on to millennials and Gen Zers rapidly. Read on to know all about the phenomenon.
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Gen Zers’ spending through Cash Now Pay Later options has increased by 201% since 2019 while the same has increased among millennials by 86%. Industry experts envision a bright future for more flexible payment options like CNPL to be offered by online sales sites and retailers.

While Cash Now Pay Later hasn’t fully been explored to its potential, younger generations will most likely crown it as the most favored digital payment option out there. Here’s why.

No need for a credit card 

With a promise of a debt-free future, Beem’s CNPL split payment options have spiked. CNPL solutions are a safer and lower-impact spending tool. Most importantly, they are interest-free against the average credit card interest rate that is 18.61%.

Most millennials and Gen Zers face an ongoing affordability crisis as a result of student-loan debts, financial crisis and increased living costs.

Choose CNPL over credit cards. In case you need the funds for any emergencies, this will come in handy. No credit checks and at zero interest.

The simplicity addiction

Younger shoppers like millennials and Gen Zers are digitally minded — to a point where they enjoy mobile shopping, particularly Gen Zers aka the iGeneration. Features like real-time platforms and one-click payments are what flow with them.

CNPL with Beem checks off these boxes and offers a minimal step process where you can even schedule paybacks in installments automatically with no need for additional action on your side as a user.

Better financial planning and control

Both millennials and Gen Zers look for tools that allow them to navigate personal finances by themselves seamlessly. With Beem’s CNPL, you can purchase high-demand products before it sells out, with payments spread out immediately – all without taking a jab at their personal budgets.

And most millennials don’t have solid credit history loans. That’s why Cash Now Pay Later is a great alternative option, even for emergency needs.

Building bridges

A common critique against CNPL would be that it drives irresponsible spending. But guess what, it’s simply a payment choice like any other. People pay for a coffee with a credit card. That doesn’t mean that you can’t actually pay for it.

That is where CNPL comes in for millennials and Gen Zers, thereby bridging the gap between credit and debit cards, while also bringing you the flexibility you crave.

Now what?

If you’re struggling to go just that extra mile to make ends meet or run out of money for that last grocery run before your paycheck arrives, Beem has your back. When your bank account fails, use Cash Now Pay Later with Beem.

Our CNPL services will financially support you without the need for a personal loan or a credit card. All you need to do is Subscribe. Get Cash Now. Pay Later. 

Gen Zers + millennials + CNPL = match made in heaven!

Gen Zers and millennials love Cash Now Pay Later. But on a serious note, if you’re not able to pay for something outright and it isn’t necessary, it’s probably best to just say no. Use CNPL for something more prominent.

So, that eye shadow palette can wait and you don’t need it to survive. You’re better off saving up your cash until you can click “purchase” and buy it in one swoop. Use Cash Now Pay Later for your needs. Live life uninterrupted.

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