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When and Why You Need a Personal Check: Banking Insights

A personal check works like a promissory note confirming the payment to the receiver. You should opt for a check only from a bank or a credit union to avoid the higher cost. Using checks comes with zero convenience fees.

Why Personal Checks Are Still Relevant in the Digital Age

Checks work like debit cards, but transactions don’t happen in an instant. You can avoid convenience fees entirely if you make payments by writing a personal check. For large purchases, a cashier’s check is a secure option.

Depositing Money Through ATM: Convenient Banking in 2024

ATMs eliminate the need to visit a bank to deposit money. You can deposit any amount of bills together, and the ATM will process it for you, no need to fill a slip.

lgbtq Banking: Banks that support the LGBTQ+ community

Many banking and financial services organizations proclaim to serve the LGBTQ+ community, but not many of them actually do so as freely as they serve the general population. Here. We look into some organizations that are making a difference with others following suit.

December Stimulus Check: Are You Eligible? Find Out Now!

While the stimulus checks are yet to see any announcement, the child tax credit payments will kick off this week and render parents with a refundable tax credit of $3,000 for children from ages 6 to 17. Some states, including California, Florida, Maine and Maryland, have created their own version of stimulus payments and are rolling out the same to eligible residents.

What Banks Don’t Want You to Know: Financial Secrets Revealed

Is your money safe in the bank during a pandemic?

Even if your paycheck keeps coming into your account on a regular basis during a pandemic, your financial future can still seem uncertain. We got you covered on the safest place to keep your money.

5 Truths About Money That Banks Hide From You



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