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How to Avoid ATM Fees : Tips & Tricks

Many times, you have to pay fees on the usage of out-of-network bank ATMs. Such fees can cost you $50 to $60 annually. Choosing a bank as per your needs, such as where usage is higher: international ATMs, domestic ATMs or out-of-network ATMs, can help you benefit in waived fees.

How to cancel a money order

If the money order is not cashed, you can cancel it. You would be needed to fill a request form to cancel the money order. This would include the purchase date of the money order, its location, amount and the tracking ID.

How Long Does It Take for a Check to Deposit? | Beem

Check processing generally takes time, but you can access $200 of the initial amount on the first business day. The overall check clearance can take from 2 business days to more depending on your bank, amount, nature of the transaction, etc.

How to Protect Your Debit Card from Fraud

If you find that your debit card is lost or stolen, immediately call your bank’s fraud hotline. File a report with your bank within 2 business days if you discover any spurious charges or deductions from your bank account.

Cash a Check: A Step-by-Step Guide

Checks are commonly used even today to make payments. So, if someone pays you using a check, how can you encash it without paying a large fee for it? Read on to find out more on how you can do this in simple ways.

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, debit card transactions cause more overdraft fee than any other type of transaction.

Switching Banks: A Guide to Smooth Transition

People change their bank accounts to get a better deal on the interest rate, lower fees, or even get more access to ATMs. Diversifying your account helps to optimize finances and gain more benefits than usual. You need to make sure that you get a written note that your account is closed to ensure no future disputes arise.

How to Open a Student Bank Account ?

Many banks offer general accounts that can be used by college students as well. It’s advisable to research and find out the right account with the best policies, features, and rates. Most students stumble upon overdraft fees, and sadly, they are the most expensive fee.



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