How to Stop Paying Bank Atm Charges

There is a way you can avoid paying charges for using a bank ATM. Read on to know how!
How to Stop Paying Bank Atm Charges
In the United States, the average charge for withdrawing money from an out-of-network ATM is $2.01. If you are in a situation where you have to give cash only then you can look out on your bank or credit union's website for a free ATM.
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The world has become digital, yet there are places where we have to spend cash in its physical form. It can be a disadvantage as a lot of time we don’t carry cash, and if it’s a cash-only place, you will have no option but to put a dollar bill. In such cases, if you don’t have cash, your option is limited to searching and withdrawing money from an ATM. If it falls under your bank’s network, you are lucky as otherwise, you will have to pay charges for withdrawing money from the bank ATM. 

In the United States, the average charge for withdrawing money from an out-of-network ATM is $2.01. For non-customers, it has a surcharge of $2.75 which is of course quite high. But the silver lining here is that you can avoid paying charges for using a bank ATM. How? Read on. 

Review Payment Mode

When you have already decided to visit a place such as a restaurant or a movie theatre, you can call them or can check their website to know whether they are accepting digital payments or not. If you are attending an event or a concert, you can also have the option of checking out on the website itself, and that way you can avoid paying cash at the counter if that’s the only payment option available. 

Go for a Network ATM

Most banks have a vast range of networks for ATMs. If you are in a situation where you have to give cash only then you can look out on your bank or credit union’s website for a free ATM. Even before opening a bank account or an account at a Credit Union, you can check the ATM networks to avoid paying fees on withdrawing money. You can find the nearest ATM using an ATM locator given by your bank or credit union.

Close Your Bank or Credit Union Wisely to Get Reimbursement 

This is a precautionary step where you can choose only that bank or a credit union that has the best services when it comes to a vast ATM network and after-services. Many banks such as online banks and Financial Institutions do provide a refund option to their customers. It can be an unlimited amount or around $10 to $25 each month. So do your research before choosing a bank. 

What to Do When the Harm is Already Done?

If you have already paid bank ATM charges and you do not have any other option to recover them, you can go to a cashback store checkout counter. When you make a purchase such as buying groceries you will get a cashback on your purchase. Most of the time only a debit card is eligible thus check it before making the purchase. You will be required to enter the four-digit identification number given to you at the time of the purchase.


Why pay bank ATM fees when you are just withdrawing your own money for your use right? It is always better to take steps in advance than to face the consequences. Always use a bank or credit union that has a large network of ATMs and even if they don’t have a large network at least they should have the option of refunding or embarrassing you for the fees imposed.

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Devanshee Dave

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