Budget Calendar: Organize Your Finances Effectively

A budget calendar can be used to plan your monthly spending and set reminders for payments.

50 30 20 Budget Rule: Simplifying Financial Balance

A monthly budget records and analyzes the amount of money that comes in and goes out of your financial accounts during one month. If you are new to budgeting, you can start with the 50/30/20 rule. There are several free budgeting spreadsheet templates available on the internet.

How to overcome financial depression blues

Depressions start with a lack of interest in the things that usually provide a sense of pleasure and indulgence to a person. Stress can also be removed through talking with financial planners as they can help bring your money in order.

Money Saving Strategies: Are You Using the Right Approach?

Finding the right account depends on whether your plan is short-term or long-term, how much you desire to earn, and how frequently you want to withdraw it. Each account has unique features. Think about your ambitions and desires and how much money you need for them.

How to save money on school supplies in 2022

Sky-rocketing consumer products have put shoppers in a fix, especially parents of kids who are going back to school this year. There are a few options including charity organizations and tax breaks that can help you save money if you’re shopping for school supplies for your kids.

7 financial pointers you need as a father

Having a new child, especially your first one is exciting but can also be a whole lot stressful and scary at the same time. The joy that comes from having your own baby is balanced out by all the stress from the new responsibilities, extra expenditure, the sleepless nights and whatnot.

How to review your financial checklist for June 2022

Did you make any financial resolutions at the start of the year? If so, how have they been progressing? How well have you been able to work toward your financial goals for the year? Since we’re entering the middle of the year, it might be a good time to stop, assess your financial situation, and make any changes that might be necessary to help you achieve your goals by the end of the year.

How to be financially responsible with your money

Many people want to learn how to handle money better. To do that, you need to learn how to be responsible in life, be accountable for your actions and plan your future right. Being responsible is not something you’re born with. Rather, it’s a skill you have to learn as you go through life. Of course, it’s not mandatory, but being responsible will go a long way in how others perceive and treat you.

How to save money as gas prices continue to soar

Gas prices were high during the Covid-19 pandemic, and now, following the Russia-Ukraine conflict and inflation, prices are skyrocketing more than ever before. We must look for ways to make the most of the gas in our vehicles and save money at fuel stations.

8 hacks to help you save gas money

We’re all used to seeing the online memes and jokes about how expensive gas is at the moment. But all kidding aside, forking out twice or thrice of what you would normally pay for a tank of gas is no joke. Here are some hacks to save money at the pump.

7 tips to save gas this year

The fact that gas prices have touched astronomical heights is no joke. You’re probably looking for every way possible to either save on gas consumption or reduce your gas bills. With most of the country reeling from the holes that fuel costs are burning in their pockets, people are resorting to trying out other modes of transportation including biking, carpooling, or using public transport. Some are even trying to drive less.

How to refresh your finances this spring

Spring is here. And that only means one thing - it's time to re-look at your finances, give it a breather and add a dash of fresh air to the bank account.

How to save $10000 in a year: 6 money habits to try | Beem

Having $10,000 is a big deal. And not a lot of Americans have that kind of money in their account. Here's how you can change that situation and be on your way to saving $10,000 in your account.

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