Fun and easy ways to teach kids about saving money

How to Save Money on Groceries: The Best Guide Ever

Before visiting a store and buying that extra flour or fruits, check what you really need. The Sunday paper is full of adverts, coupons and grocery deals to promote brands. You can also pick the buy 1 get 1 deal. Moreover, opt for wholesalers as they sell grocery items at low costs in bulk.

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Ways to Deal With Financial Stress: Effective Strategies

Fun Ways to Save Money: Easy Tricks and Tips You’ll Love

Money Lessons for Millennials: Smart Financial Advice

How to stop stressing over money

Handy Candy: Tricks to save money on Halloween treats

Nothing says Halloween better than going trick-or-treat. Whether you take your kids around the neighborhood or stay home to pass out candy to the ghosts and goblins, Halloween always brings out the little child in all of us. That’s why it’s so fun.

How to Plan a Food Budget for Financial Wellness

We’re all familiar with the adage “waste not, want not”. That can’t be truer when it comes to food, especially on World Food Day. The value of the amount of food we throw away is quite a lot when we put a price on it.

Are You Financially Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

A lot of people were unprepared to deal with the financial turmoil Covid-19 caused. Before the pandemic hit, only a third of employees were able to say that they were spending less than they earn and that they regularly set money aside for saving.

5 Hacks to Take Charge of Your Financial Plan

Are you in control of your finances? Do you know where your money is going? The best financial plans often come equipped to suit your needs. But if they don't then you need to customize it. We are happy to help you.

Need financial peace? Learn how to relax with your money

We all know that we ought to save, invest and spend money wisely — without having to worry about it. Unfortunately, most of us are not wired that way, we often stress for nothing. Therefore, on International Day of Peace, we’re going to be highlighting a few simple steps that you can follow in order to achieve financial peace with your money.

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Tips to Save Money Even When You Spend


Wasting Money Alert: Stop These 5 Expenses Now!



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