How to afford Christmas when you’re struggling with finances

You might be running short of funds this year end. That doesn't mean you need to have a blue Christmas. Depending on your budget, you can prepare for a memorable holiday with fewer expenses and more activities.

How to Save Money on a Christmas Tree

This weekend as you head out to pick out your Christmas tree, while singing 'Oh Christmas Tree’, we thought we would remind you of ways you can save money on your tree shopping! We know what you’re thinking! Christmas comes once a year so it’s ok to spend every dime you have on a gorgeous tree, right?

Smart Christmas shopping hacks to save while you spend

While holiday shopping can be one of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" kind of feeling, it can have the potential to be awful. Why? You have to brave malls that are super crowded, overpriced items and carols on repeat. But do you want your shopping experience to be that way? The good news is it doesn’t have to be.

Host a Thanksgiving meal without breaking your budget

Thanksgiving is here. As important as it is to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, you also need to look into your budget and ways to cut costs. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for your family and guests can get super expensive.

5 hacks to save money around the house

Run out of options to save money again around the house? Living from one paycheck to another is extremely tough. It is scary due to the uncertainty it brings. The truth is most Americans live like this, without being able to save money for their future.

How to save money while shopping on Amazon

Think Amazon and it's not the rainforest that comes to mind first. Yes, to our generations, the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon, the e-commerce company that has brought shopping to our fingertips.

Money Saving Tips: Embracing the Old-Fashioned Way

When it comes to saving money, the Internet is full of suggestions and ideas on how to get it right. But sometimes, old school is the best. That's why we've put together some good old fashioned savings tips just for you.

Halloween Hacks: Creative Ideas for Spooky Fun [2024]

Halloween is frightening enough already, with witches, werewolves and vampires stalking the streets. And all this even before you check your bank balance. However, that doesn't mean the cost of celebrating Halloween has to be scary.

How to Save Money on Groceries: The Best Guide Ever

Before visiting a store and buying that extra flour or fruits, check what you really need. The Sunday paper is full of adverts, coupons and grocery deals to promote brands. You can also pick the buy 1 get 1 deal. Moreover, opt for wholesalers as they sell grocery items at low costs in bulk.

Handy Candy: Tricks to save money on Halloween treats

Nothing says Halloween better than going trick-or-treat. Whether you take your kids around the neighborhood or stay home to pass out candy to the ghosts and goblins, Halloween always brings out the little child in all of us. That’s why it’s so fun.

How to Plan a Food Budget for Financial Wellness

We’re all familiar with the adage “waste not, want not”. That can’t be truer when it comes to food, especially on World Food Day. The value of the amount of food we throw away is quite a lot when we put a price on it.

Are You Financially Prepared for the Next Pandemic?

A lot of people were unprepared to deal with the financial turmoil Covid-19 caused. Before the pandemic hit, only a third of employees were able to say that they were spending less than they earn and that they regularly set money aside for saving.

Need financial peace? Learn how to relax with your money

We all know that we ought to save, invest and spend money wisely — without having to worry about it. Unfortunately, most of us are not wired that way, we often stress for nothing. Therefore, on International Day of Peace, we’re going to be highlighting a few simple steps that you can follow in order to achieve financial peace with your money.

Back to School: A Guide for College Students to Manage Finances Better

Now that schools and colleges are reopening, apart from the grind of studies and exams, it is also time for students to focus on their education-related finances.

How to Create a Savings Plan and Stick To It in 5 Easy Steps

Savings are like a financial safety net that you can rely on for unexpected and large expenses. If you’ve been thinking about how you can begin saving on a regular basis, you’ve come to the right place.

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