Tips to make a wiser decision.


8 Smart tips for grocery shopping on a budget

How Can I Tell if My Million-Dollar Zimbabwe Note Is Worth $2,783?

Money Management: 7 Ways to Bust Your Financial Stress

Are you a naturally anxious person? Wondering when and how to stop worrying about money? There’s nothing like financial stress and it is easily capable of keeping you up all night long. That’s why we have money management 101 just for you.

8 Ways For Spending Money Wisely

The coronavirus outbreak has been a major cause of wide-scale deaths and depression among people worldwide. Normally, a financial crisis is quite common whenever an economic downturn, recession, natural disasters like floods, cyclones throw life out of gear but that depends on the scale of the effect and the region where it takes place.

Money Etiquette Rules: Navigating Financial Etiquette in 2024

The majority of the conversations in our day-to-day life involve money matters. Once considered a part of life today money has become life. You are judged based on how much money you have and how much you spend.

Halloween: 5 Ways to Celebrate On Budget

The spirit of Halloween lies in those scary costumes that everyone just loves to wear, the fun outdoor activities, spooky treats, and whatnot. And who can forget those yummy candies and crafts which sets the mood right away?

OMG! Honey, I Shrunk The Money!

Track Expenses Like a Pro: Fixing Budget Leaks Made Easy

Emotional Spending: Never Over-Express It, Not Now!

How to Stop Spending Money on Unnecessary Things? Explained

Small Expenses In Your Spending Make A Big Hole In Your Savings

Why Mobile Payments Have Not Caught on in the US?

Over 81% of Americans own a cell phone, up from 35% only eight years back, as indicated by Pew Research Center. However, mobile payments are yet to pick up. Here's the inside scoop.

Smart Ways to Spend $1000: 10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Money

Now and then, it occurs – you end up with a little bonus of money in your financial balance that isn't quickly reserved for bills. For some individuals, that happened for the current year.



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