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Millennials and Money – Top Money Abits

Millennials are the luckiest as well as the ones with the worst luck. That happens when you're in the best and worst times and millennials, unfortunately, seem to be stuck in both situations. The best and worst of times call for some help and we're here just for that.
fourth of July Independence Day

Fourth of July: How to Spend Independence Day

Fourth of July obviously means there's some amount of spending involved. The first truly free Fourth of July post-pandemic is expected to see Americans come out in celebration in a lot more fun and fanfair than ever before. But how much are they exactly spending and is this Fourth of July going to cost the American wallet more?

What is Fun Money? Why Is It Important?

Fun money is a concept of rewarding yourself for being financially responsible. Through the power of budgeting, you can control your spending, reduce your expenses, achieve your financial goals, and even set aside money to have fun. Learn how to budget and develop a healthier relationship with money.

How to take money management to the next level

Millennials are earning more money than ever before. Find out how you can take your money to the next level as you work towards financial maturity.

Christmas Spending: 8 Fascinating Statistics for 2021

It's Christmas and here are some of the crazy numbers this festive season is going to churn out when it comes to spending in America,

Financial lessons to learn from hosting a Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is here and it’s a treasured time to gather with friends and family over an unforgettable feast. From party planning and grocery shopping to cooking and décor, Thanksgiving can get tedious both physically and financially. However, there are some lessons too.

Monitor Your Monthly Expenses With This Simple 5-Step Method

What's the right way to monitor your monthly expenses? There are many budgeting applications in the market that help you maintain your budget. We have you covered on the five best steps to track and maintain your monthly spending, saving and investing.

How to Stop Overspending: Breaking the Habit

Overspending is not new for people in the United States. According to a report, an individual spends around $143 a week more than his budget on average. The amount turns to $7,400 yearly. You may think that it is just one coffee or one pizza, but each time you add to this amount, it is going to weigh more on your pockets at the end of the year.

5 essential tips for new mommies to manage money

Are you a new mommy in training? If you’ve had a baby recently and by recently, we mean, anywhere in the last two years or if you’re preparing for his or her arrival, chances are you’re experiencing a variety of emotions.

What Is the 50/30/20 Rule? Here’s How It Helps You Budget

The best way to manage your income, no matter how high or low it is, is to follow a proven budgeting method. But for most people, budgeting is a scary notion, something they feel is way too complicated and difficult to follow. But the truth is quite the opposite of what people believe.

Halloween Budgeting: Enjoy Spooky Fun on a Budget

Halloween is right around the corner. Time for the creepy creeps, goosebumps and candies. If you haven’t thought about it already, it’s time to start planning. Everything, from décor to costumes — the sooner you start planning, the better and cheaper.

How Buy Now Pay Later is changing the way we spend our money

BNPL is also known as installment payments and point-of-sale financing (POSF). These options have always been in practice for a long time and are not a new trend. What’s different in today’s BNPL service is its influence, role and place in the customer’s journey.

Cash Now Pay Later: Spending just got a fun, easy and smart upgrade

Who doesn’t love shopping? With the pandemic moving everything online, shopping online has never been easier. Now, you can buy anything at any time from anywhere – all from the comfort of your home and with a single tap on your phone.

What to do with 1 million dollars?

Are you visualizing visions of gold, cash, a mansion and private jets? We thought so! Brainstorming sessions over a million dollars are always legendary. So let’s get to answering the “million-dollar question”.

How to Manage Money -7 Money Management Tips

Most people think maintaining a budget, planning personal finance and tracking spending is a long and hard process. We've got news for you: money management isn't a chore.

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