Does Car Insurance Cover AC Repair?

Understanding policy specifics, types of damages covered, and deductible implications is vital to answering the question: does car insurance cover AC repair?
does car insurance cover AC repair
Does Car Insurance Cover AC Repair?
Car insurance policies generally cover damages from accidents, theft, or natural disasters. But does car insurance cover AC repair? Let’s find out.
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Your car’s air conditioner keeps you cool on the road, but fixing it might be pricey if it breaks. In times like these, car insurance is a safeguard for our vehicles. Yet, the question looms: Does car insurance cover AC repair? Understanding if your insurance covers AC issues is like having a secret weapon against unexpected costs. Let’s explore this important aspect of car insurance to determine if it shields your wallet from AC repair expenses.

Does Car Insurance Cover AC Repair?

No. Car insurance typically does not cover air conditioning (AC) repair. Car insurance policies generally cover damages from accidents, theft, or natural disasters. However, AC repair is usually considered a maintenance issue rather than an incident covered by insurance. AC repair falls under regular vehicle maintenance, like changing oil or replacing tires. 

What Coverage Do I Need To Repair My Air Conditioner?

The type of car insurance you have decides if your AC repair gets covered. No auto insurance will cover regular wear for AC problems. They might cover AC fixes if you’ve got a warranty from the manufacturer or an extended one. Otherwise, you can’t make a claim.

Every state needs auto insurance, but what’s required varies. You’ll need liability coverage for injuries and property damage. Minimum insurance won’t cover your vehicle. 

To cover AC repairs, get collision coverage added. If you cause a crash and your AC is damaged, collision coverage helps. The other party’s insurance covers your repairs if it’s not your fault.

A comparison of car insurance quotes can help you get the best deal for your budget. Auto insurance with Beem covers damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property, and injuries to yourself or others. 

How to File an Auto Insurance Claim for Damaged Air Conditioning

If you want to file an auto insurance claim for damaged air conditioning repair cost, here are the several steps to follow:

  • Notice any AC issues or leaks, and visit a mechanic for a checkup.
  • If it’s a worn compressor or electrical problem, it might not be covered by insurance but could be part of your vehicle warranty.
  • Check your policy for extended warranties or talk to your agent about added coverage.
  • If the mechanic finds impact damage, it could be covered by your insurance.
  • Call your insurance company and explain what the mechanic found.
  • Usually, insurance will only approve a rental once they confirm it’s not a mechanical breakdown.
  • If you need a rental before approval, you might pay at first but will likely be reimbursed once the claim is approved.

What Air Conditioning Parts Can Be Covered in an Insurance Claim?

The parts of your car’s air conditioning system could be covered in an insurance claim if damaged due to a collision or comprehensive incident. It’s crucial to explain this clearly to your insurance company. Here’s what could be damaged and covered:

Air Conditioning Condenser

The air conditioning condenser behind your car’s grille looks like a radiator and has thin tubes carrying refrigerant. Metal fins cool the refrigerant. If it can’t hold refrigerant due to a puncture or tear, it’s damaged. This issue, caused by impacts, is a small hole or crack with an oily stain and can’t be fixed.

Common Damage to Condenser Covered by Insurance

Insurance typically covers specific damages to the air conditioning condenser. The impact from flying objects like rocks, construction debris, or tree branches can harm it. Also, damage from incidents like a trailer hitch hitting your car or hitting a high curb might be covered. If there’s a noticeable impact causing a hole, crack, or oily stain, it’s likely covered. Damage with clear impact evidence might be covered.

Air Conditioning Compressor

The air conditioning compressor turns gas refrigerant into liquid, crucial for cooling your car. It works with the evaporator to cool the cabin. If the compressor fails due to an impact, it can crack, suffer internal damage, or bend its pulley. External parts like wiring and sensors can also be harmed. Compressors sold as a unit can’t be individually fixed. Despite shields, they might not guard against damaging objects.

Common Insurance Covered Damage to Air Conditioning Compressors

Insurance often covers specific damages to air conditioning compressors. The impact of road debris or hitting stones can harm them. Also, incidents like bottoming out on rocks, potholes, or hitting curbs might be covered. Visible signs of impact like scrapes, paint transfer, or cracks on the compressor housing are indicators for insurance coverage. 

Air Conditioning Lines

Air conditioning lines and thin aluminum tubes carry refrigerant between parts of your car’s AC system. They connect the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, winding through the engine bay and into the passenger area. Though damage to these tubes is less common, it occurs. Replacement costs range from $25 to $200, with labor varying based on their location. Tubes traveling into the passenger area are costlier to replace.

How do I know if My Claim is Under Comprehensive or Under Collision Coverage?

Determining whether your claim falls under comprehensive or collision coverage depends on the damage to your air conditioning system.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: If your car’s AC is damaged by hitting a live animal, encountering flying objects like rocks causing leaks, or vandalism, it’s likely under comprehensive coverage. Flood damage, although rare for AC systems, is also included.
  • Collision Coverage: Damage not covered by comprehensive, like collisions with other vehicles, hitting stationary objects, encountering dead animals, or hit-and-run incidents in parking lots, falls under collision coverage.

Do I Owe a Deductible for a Broken Air Conditioner Insurance Claim?

Yes, You’ll owe a deductible unless you selected coverage without one. I suggest opting for low or no deductible, especially for comprehensive coverage, as there’s no chance of reimbursement from another party at fault.


So, does car insurance cover AC repair? Navigating car insurance coverage for AC repair involves understanding policy specifics, the types of damages covered, and the deductible implications. Selecting the appropriate coverage and deductible levels is essential to ensure adequate protection for your vehicle’s air conditioning system in unforeseen circumstances.

You can use Beem to find the best insurance quotes to help you make the right choice. 

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