Does Car Insurance Cover Electrical Problems?

Modern cars have an increasing number of electrical parts. A car owner needs to know if any kinds of car insurance cover electrical problems. Read on to learn more.
Electrical Problems
Does Car Insurance Cover Electrical Problems?
Wear and tear are guaranteed with any machine. The big question for vehicle owners is: Does car insurance cover electrical problems? Let’s explore.
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Do car insurance policies cover wear and tear? The unfortunate fact is that wear and tear car insurance does not exist. Generally, your car insurance doesn’t cover common electrical problems in cars. Insurance companies only cover damage to your electric system when certain conditions exist. Let us learn more about car insurance and its coverage in this article. 

Does Car Insurance Cover Electrical Problems?

Car insurance typically does not cover electrical problems caused by wear and tear or routine mechanical failure. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Comprehensive coverage: If the electrical problem is caused by a covered peril under your comprehensive coverage, such as fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, or certain weather events, it might be covered.
  • Damage caused by electrical problems: If the electrical problem leads to damage to other parts of your car, that damage might be covered by your collision or comprehensive coverage, depending on the specific cause.

Therefore, the exact answer depends on the cause of the electrical problem and your specific insurance policy.

When Does Insurance Not Cover Electrical Damage?

Car insurance policies do not cover normal wear and tear, intentional damage, or general maintenance. Some car insurance companies offer policy add-ons that can protect you in situations that don’t fall within the minimum coverage requirements. You may bear the cost of replacing bulbs and motors for your sunroof if your lights burn out or the motor malfunctions.

How Can I Ensure Coverage for Electrical Issues in My Car?

Modern cars have increasing electrical parts, so knowing precisely how insurance covers electrical problems is essential. While car insurance does not cover normal wear and tear, spark plug damage and other things are covered.

It is best to have comprehensive insurance to cover electrical issues as it protects the car’s overall value from natural disasters, repairs, and maintenance.

A comparison of car insurance quotes on Beem can help you get the best deal for your budget and provide the coverage you need in case of an accident. 

What Types of Electrical Problems Are Covered by Car Insurance?

Electrical problems include malfunctioning batteries, alternators, starter motors, and wiring. However, suppose the electrical system in your vehicle is damaged in an accident. Your car insurance policy may cover the repairs in that case, provided you have the right one.

Can I Claim Insurance for a Dead Battery or Alternator Failure?

Yes, the insurance company will cover a dead battery and alternator failure; most insurance companies have electrical issue claims only if the damage is due to wear and tear over the years. 

Does Comprehensive Coverage Include Electrical Failures?

Insurance companies only cover electrical failures with comprehensive coverage. The insurance companies do offer policyholders a type of coverage for repairs. A mechanical breakdown insurance policy or MBI is also known as a repair insurance policy. Several insurance companies provide MBI, which comes with a deductible. 


So, can car insurance cover electrical problems? The type of insurance coverage you carry may determine whether your car insurance will cover the damages if it breaks down.

Car insurance policies do not cover intentional damage, damage caused by normal wear and tear, or general maintenance. You may be covered for electrical issues if they are caused by an accident. Get the right coverage at the best rate by comparing car insurance quotes!

Remember, you can use Beem to find the best insurance quotes to help you make the right choice. Auto insurance with Beem covers damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property, and injuries to yourself or others. 

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