Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Discover the nuances of your auto insurance’s towing coverage. Find out what’s covered by optional towing insurance and your roadside repair duties.
Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?
Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?
Find out if towing is covered by auto insurance and the specifics of towing insurance, including the scope of coverage and possible liabilities for roadside repairs.
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Towing is often covered if you have collision or comprehensive insurance. Car Insurance Cover Towing is familiar with these policies, and many providers may include roadside assistance as part of the coverage. Some businesses offer it separately as an add-on for added peace of mind. If you opt for collision or comprehensive coverage, you can enjoy knowing that towing services are readily available when needed.

Should I Get Extra Towing Insurance Coverage When My Car Needs to be Towed to a Repair Facility?

Yes, car insurance covers towing if you have opted for towing insurance. This optional coverage pays for towing your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, excluding parts for roadside repairs, which are your responsibility to cover.

When Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

Auto insurance covers towing based on your policy and insurer. If your vehicle is disabled, roadside assistance can cover towing within a specified distance. Additionally, towing costs may be covered after a collision if your car is undrivable.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

Roadside assistance, optional coverage in Progressive, and many insurers’ policies include towing within 15 miles, winching (up to 100 feet off-road), jump-start for dead batteries, locksmith services, flat tire change, and fuel delivery (fuel cost paid by you). Trip interruption coverage (up to $500) is available for breakdowns over 100 miles from home, covering lodging, food, and transportation during repairs.

Is Roadside Assistance Considered A Claim?

Yes, roadside assistance is considered a claim. If your car breaks down (not due to an accident), you file a claim to use this coverage. However, the process may involve a designated service number for quicker assistance, distinct from the standard insurance claims process.

After an Accident, Does Auto Insurance Cover Towing?

Yes, car insurance may cover towing after an accident. If another driver causes the accident, their liability coverage can pay for towing. Coverage depends on your policy; if you’re at fault, you might be responsible for towing expenses.

Does Car Insurance Cover Impound Fees?

No, car insurance does not cover impound fees. It’s essential to promptly retrieve your vehicle from an impound lot, as insurance typically doesn’t cover these fees. Delays may result in additional charges, so swift action is advised.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Car insurance options that provide support while stuck on the road include roadside assistance, often known as emergency road assistance, towing and labor coverage, and others. Whether you experience a flat tire, run out of gas, or encounter an accident that renders your vehicle undrivable, roadside assistance is designed to provide the necessary help.

How Do I Get Roadside Assistance?

Check if your auto insurance policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage to obtain roadside assistance. These coverages, which handle damages from accidents and incidents, may already incorporate roadside assistance. Note that collision and comprehensive coverage often require you to meet a deductible (typically $500 or $1,000) before the coverage takes effect. If your policy lacks roadside assistance, it’s usually easy to add as a rider, with a cost ranging from $5 to $15 per car.

How Does Towing And Storage Coverage Work?

Towing and storage coverage varies based on your car insurance. It can be covered under roadside assistance, comprehensive, collision, or at-fault driver’s liability coverage. Some insurers require prior comprehensive or collision coverage. Reimbursement may be involved, with limits as low as $50.

Do I Need To Pay Extra For Roadside Assistance?

Yes, you may need to pay extra for roadside assistance. While some auto insurance policies include towing under roadside assistance, it’s often an optional add-on. This coverage, encompassing services beyond towing, is generally affordable, varying between $5 and $15 per month.

What Towing And Storage Fees Am I Responsible For?

While Insurance may cover towing and storage, you could be responsible for fees exceeding limits. Out-of-pocket expenses may include excess towing mileage or costs, prolonged storage fees, charges from at-fault accidents, or incidents without coverage. 

Tow trips average $109 nationally, with rates influenced by time, day, holidays, and vehicle type. Storage fees, lasting around five to six days post-accident, can accumulate, reaching up to $450.

When I Don’t Have Roadside Assistance, Would My Insurance Cover the Cost of Towing?

The Insurance will only cover breakdown towing costs with roadside assistance or towing coverage. But, if another motorist causes an accident and renders your vehicle undriveable, their liability insurance should pay for your towing costs. Ensure timely retrieval to avoid potential fee disputes.

Does Insurance Cover My Car While It’s Being Towed?

Yes, your car is typically covered by insurance while it is being towed. Most auto insurance policies extend coverage during towing, ensuring protection for your vehicle throughout the transportation process.

What About Third-Party Roadside Assistance?

If your Insurance lacks roadside assistance, consider options such as manufacturer-provided or dealership coverage for new and used cars. Standalone providers like AAA and Good Sam and cell service providers like AT&T and Verizon offer plans covering towing and more for a monthly fee.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing A Trailer?

No, a standard car insurance policy may not cover towing. Towing is covered if you have added roadside assistance or towing and labor coverage to your policy. It’s essential to check your policy details to confirm coverage for towing services.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing After An Accident?

No, car insurance may not cover towing after an accident if you are found to be at fault. In such cases, your coverage for towing expenses depends on your policy. If another driver causes the accident, their liability coverage should cover the towing cost.

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing For Breakdowns?

Car insurance typically only covers towing for breakdowns if you have added roadside assistance to your policy. Roadside assistance is crucial for unexpected car failures, and it’s essential to clarify whether upfront payment is required for later reimbursement or if the insurer covers the costs directly.

Does Getting Your Car Towed Affect Your Insurance

No, getting your car towed generally doesn’t impact Insurance unless it involves criminal proceedings, excessive towing claims, DUI, or at-fault accidents. Routine tows for breakdowns or parking issues usually don’t affect rates, but specific incidents may lead to a rate hike.


Understanding your car insurance coverage for towing is crucial. While some policies include it, others may require additional roadside assistance. Fees and responsibilities vary, so ensure you have the right coverage for breakdowns, accidents, and towing needs. Always check policy details and explore third-party options if necessary.

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Is towing covered by a typical auto insurance policy?

Examine if your standard auto insurance policy covers towing or if you need to get additional towing coverage.

What is usually covered by towing insurance?

Find out how much coverage is offered by towing insurance, the details of towing to repair facilities, and any restrictions on roadside repairs.

Do towing insurance policies cover components for on-the-spot repairs?

Recognize your obligations and coverage gaps regarding parts coverage for roadside repairs under towing insurance.

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