How to Save Money This Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving Day can be all exciting and at the same time, expensive. Here are a few ways you can cut down on expenses and save money this Thanksgiving.
How to Save Money This Thanksgiving 2022
It's the season to give thanks and while we're all in the festive mood, it makes sense to keep an eye on our budget too. This Thanksgiving, learn how to save money while you spend time with family and friends.
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Thanksgiving Day can be all exciting and at the same time, expensive. With changes in the economy, post-pandemic stress, inflation and rising prices, it is essential to keep track of what you spend and how much you spend. The prices of household staples differ with how grand you want the day to be. Here are a few ways you can cut down on expenses and save money this Thanksgiving 2022.

Make a Priority List

This time of the year is all about celebrations and gratitude. Spend on making memories and save money on luxuries this Thanksgiving. First, make a budget and then try to fit in what you want and need. You may need to spend on groceries, gifts, holiday travel, food and parties. Make a list of the expenses for each category. Then, make a priority list and draft a budget for it. if you make a list, you will know where to cut down to save more money and where you can adjust your budget.

Buy Your Turkey Now

Everyone’s making turkey, so you don’t want to end up buying a large turkey for just a few of you. Before turkeys run short, make sure you buy them in advance. Smaller turkeys that are 16 pounds and below are enough for a small group. If you are cooking for a large crowd, you can buy two turkeys. You can save money buying frozen ones, but be careful you have enough time to thaw the turkey in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Accept the Invite

Did your friends or family invite you home for Thanksgiving? Accept it. It is fun to be the host but, on the other hand, it is equally fun to be the guest. It’s also a whole lot cheaper. You can offer a helping hand with the dishes, bring dessert or plate up for dinner. You can enjoy Thanksgiving this way and still save money.

Try Potluck

You can make your Thanksgiving fun by trying a potluck. Thanksgiving has a lot of dishes to be prepared and for one person to do it is a huge task. Potluck will help lessen the dishes you make and reduce the cost you spend on other dishes. Keep your dishes simple. Each one bringing different dishes and sharing is a nice way to celebrate the day.

Buy From Generic Brands

You can adjust your Thanksgiving budget by using generic brands. They generally have the same ingredients. Don’t spend much on branding or advertising. No one is going to check the brand. Instead, they will appreciate you for the dishes you have made. This will help you lessen your expenses.

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Work on the Decor

With the festive vibe, it’s common that we all want to decorate our homes with fancy decorations. You can with what you have and still make your place look festive. Ask your kids to draw small turkey pictures to hang them. Take pinecones from your backyard, and use pumpkins or small flowers as your centerpiece. Visit the dollar store and pick up cost-friendly decorations. Have small cards and place a few pens so your guests can write you a note. Think out of the box and let this year be more of thankfulness and less of fancy display on your tabletops.

Go Light on Drinks

You can make a list of the drinks you want to give. Have a menu and see what is expensive, how much is needed and buy them. Having a limitless, unplanned beverage menu can add to your expenses. You can save money by simplifying and deciding on the drinks you offer to your guests.

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Be Prepared

It is always good to prepare well in advance. Make a checklist and finish your grocery shopping early. You can buy your pies on sale or if you prefer making them, prepare the crust and keep it. You can buy your ingredients in bulk and freeze them.  Chop the veggies and fruits you need for your salads or sides and store them. Preparing for the season beforehand will save you time and cut down on the cost of going to the store several times to get ingredients.

You can manage with a small budget and make a big difference. Happy Thanksgiving!

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