How to Send Money to Inmates in South Carolina

We guide readers on how to transfer money to inmates in South Carolina and how to use the state’s cashless system. Read more on cashless options, such as money orders, ViaPath, retail locations, etc.
How to send money to inmates in South Carolina
How to Send Money to Inmates in South Carolina
Learn how to send money to inmates in SC. The blog stresses accuracy for easy transactions while using the state's cashless system like ViaPath, money orders, and retail alternatives. Consider utilizing the Beem app for a safe and speedy process.
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Money is one of the most basic needs one requires, especially during jail time. One mainly relies on a family member or a loved one to provide financial help during those difficult times.

This financial help can help inmates gather all basic yet necessary amenities, and the process is relatively easy. However, it requires specific guidelines to ensure the money is for essential purposes.

How to send money to inmates in South Carolina: This article aims to guide you and explain the methods available for sending funds. Explains how to prepare for any potential restrictions the South Carolina correctional system may set forth.

You may also send money easily with the Beem app. We will send them a secure, time-bound link for receiving the money. Only a phone number or email address is required.

How to Send Money to Inmates in South Carolina

Understanding the Cashless System for Inmate Funds in South Carolina

A centralized banking system is in place at the S.C. Department of Corrections. Friends and family can deposit inmates’ trust accounts in various ways. Offenders can use these funds to purchase items from the commissary.

The following methods can be used to send funds to an inmate:

  • Walk In
  • Internet
  • Mail
  • Phone

Purpose of the Cashless System

It is crucial to prioritize digital payments in light of the feasibility of making and receiving payments. With online payments, you do not have to carry cash, and you save time as well.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections operates a similar cashless system. As a result, incarcerated individuals cannot possess U.S. currency. Any inmate found to have money is subject to disciplinary action under Agency policy.

Methods for Sending Money to Inmates in South Carolina

A South Carolina inmate can receive money in various fast, easy, and convenient ways. Deposits can be made online, over the phone, or at a retail location through GTL.

ViaPath (Formerly GTL)

SCDC has partnered with ViaPath exclusively to send money online. ViaPath’s convenient payment services allow friends and family of offenders to send money.

Money Orders

Family members and friends can deposit inmates’ Cooper Trust Fund accounts through GTL. The deposit of money orders is free of charge. However, they must be mailed, and a deposit slip must be read and processed electronically before the funds are available.

Sending Money to an Inmate through ViaPath

Money transfers for SCDC are handled exclusively by ViaPath. Here are a few steps one can follow to send many to an inmate:

Creating an Account

ViaPath’s money transfer process begins with creating an account on the website. Users must provide basic personal information, including their full name, contact information, and email address. Users may need to provide their email addresses after creating an account to verify their identity.

Providing Inmate Information

To send funds to an inmate, users must log in and enter relevant information about them. The name and identification number of the inmate are included here. This information must be accurate, as any discrepancy can lead to delays or problems with the transaction.

Selecting Payment Method

ViaPath facilitates money transfers by offering a variety of payment options. E-bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards are standard payment methods. The user should provide financial details before completing the transaction.

Sending Money to an Inmate via Phone

The JPAY department at 1-800-574-5729 accepts payments over the phone for inmates’ trust funds. JPAY will charge your total transaction amount to process the transaction. It is possible to send the funds using a debit or credit card. Other than this, one can use ViaPath as well. The steps to send money using Viapath are: 

Calling ViaPath

You can call Viapath to initiate the money transfer process. 

Providing Required Information

You will need the inmate’s account number, the name of the correctional facility, and the name of the correctional facility.

Making Payment

Your choice is whether to use a credit card or a debit card.

Sending Money to an Inmate at Retail Locations

The guidelines to follow while sending money to an inmate at a retail auction include the following:

Visiting a Retail Partner

You can use the cash-on-delivery option at walk-in retailers by following the steps instructed by a retail store.

Completing a Money Transfer Form

Fill out the money transfer form with all the details about the inmates. 

Making Payment

Set up the cash payment by selecting “Walk-In Retail and make payment in cash.”

Sending Money Orders to an Inmate

Once the transaction is complete, go to your local store with cash and PaySlip.

Obtaining a Money Order

The first step is to fill out the money order form, considered one of the traditional forms of the patent. One must ensure that they have mailed the deposit slip. Without a slip, the funds are returned to the sender.

Making the Payment

Family and friends can deposit inmates’ Cooper Trust Fund accounts through GTL.

Mailing the Money Order

It is necessary to mail money orders and process the deposit slip that goes with them electronically before funds become available. Money orders will be returned to the sender if deposit slips need to be completed or legible.

Sending Money to an Inmate’s Commissary Account

How to Add Money:

By Mail: Use a U.S. Postal Service Money Order (no fee).
In Person: Use the McDaniel Cashier Kiosk in the Video Visitation lobby (accepts cash, credit/debit cards with fees).


Cash Deposit: $3.25 fee
Credit/Debit Card Deposit: $4.95 fee
Money Order: No fee

What You Need to Know:

Inmate’s full name and date of birth or by Account number

Deposits most likely delayed on weekends or holidays.

Money deposited most likely used to pay debts owed to the jail.


The South Carolina Department of Corrections uses a centralized banking system. There are several ways in which friends and family of inmates can deposit money into their trust accounts. Inmates in the Department of Corrections, however, have access to Cooper Trust Fund Accounts, which allow them to make purchases in the facility. Use the Beem app to send or receive money. We will provide a secure, time-limited link to receive the funds. A phone number or email address is all that is necessary.

Ensure you provide accurate details when sending money to avoid delays or returns. Through ViaPath’s payment services, friends and family can send money to offenders.

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