Planning to buy the new iPhone? Read this before you do

If you have decided to buy the new iPhone 13, we recommend that you trade your old iPhone first and get some compensation for the new purchase.
Planning to buy the new iPhone? Read this before you do
The most awaited day has arrived! Apple has finally launched its new iPhone 13 series. While everyone around you may be rushing to buy it, here's everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision on the new line of gadgets.

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First of all, we must tell you that there is no compulsion to buy the new iPhone. Your current phone may do a very good job helping you keep in touch with friends and family, put up posts on social media and show off your best smile when you take a selfie. Then do you really need a new phone? That is a call you need to take.

What’s new?

Meanwhile, we have you covered on all you need to know should you choose to go ahead and get on the iPhone bandwagon. Just like last year, the iPhone 13 series was released in four models: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. While there aren’t any significant design changes, there are many new features. All iPhones are available for pre-order with full sales set to kick off on September 24.

So let’s talk about the basic features and price first! The iPhone Mini costs $700. The new models of the iWatch, Airpods and the 9th Gen iPad were also revealed during the launch. However, the iPhones definitely stole all the spotlight with their sleek design, sustaining battery, stellar cameras, iOS 15 and the A15 Bionic chip. They come priced between $799 and $1099.

How to plan your purchase

Apple is offering customers the chance to buy the iPhone 13 Pro for $41.62 a month in a 24-month plan or for $999 and the iPhone 13 Pro Max for $45.79 a month in a 24-month plan or $1099. Get them from, Apple Store app and Apple Store locations. You can also save up to $1000 if you trade-in at the stores or online directly.

Having a financial plan is crucial for a new phone. If you’ve already set aside money each month in your savings account for such a purchase then you have nothing to worry. Alternatively, if you have enough to make flexible payment options, then take the monthly payments option.

Before you buy the new iPhone

If you have decided to buy this new model, we recommend that you trade your old iPhone and get some compensation for the new purchase. Money is good but there are security concerns that are bound with your old phone like photos on iCloud, personal information, contacts or linked accounts.

Make sure you wipe out the data from your phone and make a backup before trading it in for the new iPhone. Here’s what you need to look after before you sell your old iPhone.

Back up your data

The first step is to secure your data so you do not go into a frenzy of losing every picture or application. So, creating a backup should be your priority in this case.

Unfind the device

Find my iPhone or Find My application by Apple helps in case the phone is lost. However, you are selling it, and activation of this service may create hurdles in the activation by the new owner. Hence make sure you deactivate Find My, though when you clear out all the data it will be deactivated too. 

Sign out of the messages

A while ago if you started using another platform in exchange for your iPhone, you would not receive any messages from ios users. These messages would be received by the new owner of your phone and this was a concern. However, Apple has evolved and now this problem is only faced by the iOS to Android switch. Nevertheless, being wary of such risks is always beneficial.

Unpair Apple Watch

To avoid any headache, unpair your Apple watch before selling your phone. To proceed, place the 2 devices in close proximity and open the Apple Watch application. Select the My Watch tab from the Apple Watch tab. Now go to the info circle and select the device that you desire to unpair. Tap the Unpair Apple Watch option and select confirm. The last step is to enter your Apple ID and password.

Unpair AirPods

AirPods can be connected to the new iPhone without unpairing for the old one but precautions never hurt anyone! To unpair, bring the device closer and go to the Bluetooth option in the settings. Tap the info circle near your AirPods and select Forget This Device.

Sign out from iCloud

To get out of iCloud and iTunes follow this process: Setting> (Your name) > Select sign out. Enter Apple ID and password and select Turn Off.

Take out the SIM card

Most of the time you have the alternative of deactivating the SIM Card and sell your old device along with the SIM Card. However, the SIM Card is an essential part as it has your contact list. It also has personal data and billing info that can be taken advantage of. So removing it is the best option. All you have to do is find the ejector and insert the paper clip till the tray comes out. Take out your SIM Card, put in the tray, and you are ready to sell your phone.

Enroll in the iPhone Upgrade program

You can buy new iPhone models every year with the ease of the upgrade program. When you purchase a new iPhone and enroll in the iPhone upgrade program, you will have the provision to have 0% APR installment for 2 years on the loan of the gross price of the new model. You can have the phone immediately and keep paying easy installments for 24 months.

When you have completed 12 monthly payments for your new device, you can get the new iPhone without paying extra charges. All you have to do is trade in the old model and now you will be paying another 24-month loan.

So, as long as you are paying the installment you can trade-in your old iPhone for a new model at any time without paying extra bucks.

Will the iPhone Upgrade cost you?

The iPhone upgrade program starts with an installment of $35.33 with AppleCare+ coverage. You can also pay higher installments at $70/month for the Pro model with extra features. The AppleCare+ coverage has 24/7 access to Apple support. You will get facilities such as software support, accidental damage, and hardware coverage for a small fee of $4.16/month. You can also upgrade it to get loss and theft coverage. For queries about eligibility for this program, you can visit the brand’s website. To find the answer sign in through Apple ID or use the IMEI number. 

I think these pretty much sums up what all you need to know before buying a new iPhone and how you can leverage it the best!

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