Side Hustles For Lawyers

A lawyer side hustle can come in handy amid the challenging financial climate. It can also help in advancing your career and financial position in society. Here’s a guide to help you find the best side hustles for lawyers in the United States to help you make some extra bucks.
Side Hustles For Lawyers
Side Hustles For Lawyers
A good side hustle can allow lawyers to capitalize on their hard-earned skills by providing an easy and flexible gateway to boost their income. By choosing the best-suited side hustle in legal, lawyers can also develop their legal skills and expand their professional expertise. Let's read through this list of best side hustles for lawyers in the country.
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Becoming a successful lawyer is a journey laden with dedication and time investment. While it offers prestige and financial reward, the road to prosperity is long and uncertain. Even after years of study and practice, a fixed income is not guaranteed. Earnings fluctuate, swinging unpredictably from abundance to scarcity. 

Recognizing this reality, savvy lawyers often pursue side hustles to ensure stability. Whether consulting, teaching, or freelance work, diversifying income streams provides a buffer against lean times and reinforces financial security. In the legal profession, versatility is an asset and a necessity for navigating the ever-changing landscape of success.

Top 10 Side Hustles For Lawyers

Here are some of the most popular Side Hustles For Lawyers, offering diverse opportunities, including legal writing, real estate consulting and public speaking to provide additional income and professional growth avenues:

Additional Legal Work

Additional legal work is a lucrative side hustle for lawyers seeking to bolster their income. With expertise in law, offering services like contract drafting, legal research, or document review to other attorneys or businesses is a natural fit. This flexible arrangement allows lawyers to capitalize on their specialized knowledge without the constraints of a traditional practice. 

Moreover, it offers variety and intellectual stimulation, complementing primary legal work. From drafting agreements to providing legal opinions, these supplementary tasks enhance earnings and expand professional networks. For lawyers, leveraging their skills through additional legal work is a strategic pathway to financial prosperity.

Educational Instruction

Side Hustles For Lawyers

Educational instruction emerges as a premier side hustle option for lawyers seeking diversification. Lawyers can leverage their expertise to teach law courses, offer workshops, or provide private tutoring services. This avenue supplements income, fosters personal development, and establishes thought leadership within the legal community.

Whether conducting CLE seminars or mentoring aspiring lawyers, educational instruction offers a platform for sharing knowledge and honing communication skills. Moreover, it provides a welcome break from the demands of casework, infusing a sense of fulfillment through the empowerment of others. For lawyers, engaging in educational instruction proves to be a rewarding and intellectually stimulating side hustle.

Legal Writing And Research

Legal writing and research are prime side hustles for lawyers seeking to maximize their expertise. With a knack for analysis and command of legal language, lawyers can offer services such as drafting briefs, memoranda, or articles on legal topics. This flexible arrangement allows for remote work and can be tailored to fit around primary legal commitments. 

Furthermore, providing legal research services to other attorneys or legal departments proves invaluable, offering solutions to complex legal issues and saving time. Engaging in legal writing and research enhances income, reinforces skills, and expands professional networks, making it a top-tier side hustle for lawyers.


Transcription emerges as a lucrative side hustle option for lawyers looking to leverage their keen attention to detail and proficiency in legal terminology. Lawyers can earn supplemental income by transcribing legal documents, interviews, or court proceedings while honing their listening and typing skills. This flexible opportunity allows for remote work, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules. 

Moreover, offering transcription services to law firms or legal professionals streamlines their workflow and enhances efficiency. With the demand for accurate documentation ever-present, lawyers adept at transcription can carve out a niche for themselves, ensuring a steady flow of income alongside their primary legal practice.

Writing An ebook

Writing an eBook presents a compelling side hustle avenue for lawyers keen on sharing their expertise and insights beyond the confines of traditional practice. With a wealth of legal knowledge and experience, lawyers can author eBooks on niche legal topics, practical advice for clients, or career guidance for aspiring lawyers. This creative endeavor provides a platform for showcasing expertise and generates passive income through sales and royalties. 

Additionally, eBooks offer a lasting legacy, establishing the author as a thought leader in their field and opening doors to speaking engagements, consulting opportunities and further monetization avenues.

Low Barrier Of Entry Side Hustles

Low barrier of entry side hustles allows lawyers to supplement their income without extensive upfront investment or commitment. Options like freelance legal writing, transcription services, or virtual legal assistance require minimal resources and can be started with just a computer and internet connection.

They offer legal consulting or coaching services that leverage existing expertise without additional infrastructure. These side hustles provide flexibility, allowing lawyers to work on their terms and scale their efforts as needed. With relatively low risk and overhead, low barrier of entry, and side hustles, it represents an attractive option for lawyers seeking financial diversification.

Contract Drafting And Review

Contract drafting and review present lucrative side hustle opportunities for lawyers adept at navigating legal intricacies. Leveraging their expertise in contract law, lawyers can offer services such as drafting custom agreements, reviewing existing contracts for potential pitfalls, or negotiating terms on behalf of clients. This flexible arrangement allows for remote work and can be tailored to fit around primary legal commitments. 

Moreover, providing contract services to businesses or individuals ensures clarity and protection in legal transactions, enhancing their confidence and mitigating risks. Engaging in contract drafting and review supplements income, reinforces skills and fosters valuable client relationships.

Real Estate Consulting

Side Hustles For Lawyers

Real estate consulting emerges as a top-tier side hustle for lawyers with a penchant for property matters. Leveraging their legal acumen, lawyers can offer consultation services to individuals or businesses navigating real estate transactions. It may involve advising on contracts, lease agreements, property disputes, or regulatory compliance. With expertise in property law, lawyers bring invaluable insights and risk mitigation strategies to the table, ensuring smooth transactions and safeguarding clients’ interests. 

Real estate consulting offers flexibility, allowing lawyers to work remotely and on their schedule. Moreover, it provides an additional revenue stream and fosters professional connections within the real estate industry, making it a lucrative side hustle choice.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a premier side hustle for lawyers seeking to showcase their expertise and broaden their professional horizons. Lawyers can capitalize on their legal knowledge to engage and educate diverse audiences by delivering keynote speeches, leading seminars, or participating in panel discussions. This platform enhances visibility and credibility and opens doors to networking opportunities and potential clients. 

Public speaking offers flexibility, with engagements ranging from local events to international conferences. Moreover, it fosters personal growth, sharpens communication skills and cultivates confidence. For lawyers, harnessing the power of public speaking proves to be a rewarding and impactful side hustle.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Intellectual property consulting emerges as a top-tier side hustle for lawyers with expertise in IP law. Leveraging their specialized knowledge, lawyers can offer consultation services to businesses or individuals navigating the complexities of intellectual property protection. It may involve advising on patent, trademark, or copyright matters, conducting IP audits, or drafting licensing agreements. With the rapid growth of innovation and digital content, the demand for IP consulting is ever-present, offering lawyers a steady stream of clients and income. 

Moreover, this side hustle allows for flexibility and remote work, making it an attractive option for lawyers looking to diversify their practice and expand their professional repertoire.


To summarize, side hustles give attorneys a stable income and professional and personal development opportunities. Attorneys can broaden their networks and areas of expertise while varying their sources of income through extra-legal employment, teaching, or public speaking engagements. Thanks to the flexibility of side gigs, lawyers can follow their passions outside of the typical legal profession and adjust to changing circumstances. 

Lawyers who embrace side gigs can confidently traverse the ups and downs of the legal profession, knowing that they have created several revenue streams and paths to happiness. By utilizing tools like Beem, lawyers can streamline their financial management and organize their side hustle income effectively, ensuring greater control and stability in their professional pursuits. Furthermore, check out Beem’s Better Financial Feed which helps you to plan and protect your money like an expert in budget planning with on-point financial insights and recommendations.

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Do lawyers have time for side hustles?

Lawyers can find time for side hustles by managing their schedules effectively and prioritizing tasks. Lawyers can always work in different positions that require certain legal expertise or can even choose side hustles unrelated to their law career.

What is the most a lawyer can make in an hour?

Hourly rates for lawyers vary widely depending on experience, specialization, and location, but top attorneys can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour. Lawyers make an average of $95,783 annually in the United States. The average hourly rate for attorneys at partner level) in a small law firm can range between $350 to $650 per hour.

How do I make my side hustle legal?

Ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards by researching regulations, obtaining necessary permits or licenses and consulting legal professionals.

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