Side Hustles For Seniors

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to stop earning or let go of paid work. Many side hustles can not only provide supplemental income but also offer opportunities for continued social interaction and personal growth. Here’s a guide to help you find the right side hustle for you.
Side Hustles For Seniors
Side Hustles For Seniors
Looking to make extra money after retirement? No matter what your age, there are multiple side hustles for seniors across the US to improve your financial management. Let's read to find out!
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What are your plans after retirement? Retirement doesn’t ask you to stop making money. Instead, it comes with free time to generate new ideas and explore new goals. With decades of experience, you can supplement your passion and work on your hobbies or stay busy, and side hustles offer a flexible way to earn. So, spend your time doing something fruitful and indulge in money-making activities. Let’s explore 10 of the best side hustles for seniors, offering decent earnings that are easy and worthy. 

Top 10 Best Side Hustles for Seniors

Aging doesn’t stop the occurrence of expenses, but retirements are time-bound. To cover future costs, here are the best side hustles for seniors:

Rent Out a Space You Already Have

Seniors can make extra money by renting out a spare room or home. Websites like Airbnb make it easy to find short-term guests, allowing you to earn money by hosting them for short stays. If you prefer stability, long-term rentals offer steady income but require committing to a single rental rate for more extended periods. Also, you can check Beem’s Credit monitoring to rent out the house and rebuild your credit score. Always check local laws to ensure you follow any rental regulations in your area. It’s a simple way for seniors to boost their income.

Provide Child Care

Side Hustles For Seniors

Seniors who love kids can earn extra cash by providing childcare services. Many websites can help you find babysitting or nanny jobs by creating a profile based on your experience. Another option is Rent-A-Gramma, where older women offer child care, tutoring, and pet-sitting services. It’s a rewarding way to help busy families while making extra money. Plus, you can spend time with children and share your wisdom and care.

Sell things You Already Own

Seniors can make extra money by selling their unused stuff online. Use sites like Facebook, eBay, Etsy, or OfferUp to reach buyers. Take good pictures, write detailed descriptions, and set fair prices to attract customers. Being flexible with delivery and open to bargaining can speed up sales. It’s a simple way to clear out clutter and earn cash from items you no longer need, all from the comfort of your home.

Drive for Lyft or Uber

Seniors who are good drivers can earn extra cash by driving for Lyft or Uber. You’ll get paid for each ride you give, with weekly payments straight to your bank account. You decide when to work and can deliver food with Uber Eats or DoorDash. You can build your customer base by handing out business cards in busy places for more freedom. It’s a flexible way for seniors to boost their income.

Pet Sitter

As a pet sitter, seniors can enjoy spending time with animals while earning extra income. This job involves walking dogs, caring for pets while their owners are away, and providing companionship. Websites like Rover, Pet Sitters International, and DogVacay can help seniors find pet-sitting opportunities in their area. It’s a rewarding way to stay active, engage with animals, and contribute meaningfully to pet owners needing assistance.

Substitute Teacher or Tutor

Side Hustles For Seniors

Seniors who enjoy teaching can earn extra money by becoming substitute teachers or tutors. Substitute teachers usually need a bachelor’s degree but teaching experience. They’ll have a flexible schedule and earn around $20 per hour. Tutors are also required; companies like and Skooli offer opportunities to work with students one-on-one without needing to find clients. It’s a fulfilling way for seniors to share their knowledge and earn extra income.

Customer Representative

Customer representatives help people with questions or issues over the phone, often from home. Seniors, with their experience, do well in this role. You can work from home and use your friendly skills to help callers. This job is a great fit if you like assisting others and chatting with people. It’s a flexible and rewarding way for seniors to earn extra money while staying connected and helpful.

Lawn Care Service

Seniors can earn extra income by working outdoors and tending to gardens as lawn care service providers. They can find clients by asking neighbors or advertising on platforms like Craigslist. Websites like GreenPal also match lawn care providers with customers who need help. It’s a wonderful opportunity for seniors to stay active, spend time outdoors, and earn extra money while enjoying the satisfaction of beautifying yards in their neighborhoods.


As a bookkeeper, seniors record financial transactions and manage expenses and income for businesses or individuals. It’s all about being organized and paying close attention to details. Bookkeepers ensure that bills are paid on time and that financial records are correct. This job keeps the mind active and engaged. If you’re experienced, you might even teach newcomers how to do the job. It’s a great way for seniors to stay involved and contribute their skills.

Event Organizer

As event organizers, seniors can plan and coordinate various organization activities part-time. This role involves arranging parties, alum reunions, conferences, or fairs. It’s an opportunity to stay connected with others while utilizing organizational skills. Seniors can enjoy the creative process of planning events and seeing them come to life. It’s a fulfilling way to contribute to the community and stay engaged with others.


Retirement is another phase of earning money without any pressure. Seniors can use their experience and skills for side hustles like childcare or driving for Lyft or Uber. These flexible options let them earn extra money and stay active, pursuing their passions. And for better financial management, consider using Beem BFF Budget Planner. It provides expert financial insights, alerts on transactions, upcoming bills and personalized recommendations to help seniors manage their money wisely.


Are there any age restrictions for starting a side hustle as a senior?

There are generally no age restrictions for starting a side hustle as a senior. You can explore various opportunities based on your interests and skills.

How much time do I need to invest in a side hustle as a senior?

The amount of time you invest in a side hustle as a senior depends on your preferences and the nature of the hustle. Some side hustles require a few hours a week, while others may require a longer commitment.

How can I balance a side hustle with my retirement lifestyle?

Balancing a side hustle with your retirement lifestyle involves prioritizing tasks, setting boundaries, and managing time effectively. Finding a balance that allows you to enjoy retirement while still pursuing your side hustle goals is essential.

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