10 amazing hacks to make money this Thanksgiving


1. You can freelance by offering your talents online for holiday-specific services this Thanksgiving.

2. Look out for seasonal part-time positions for extra income during the busy season.

3. If you are good with technology, provide virtual support to businesses or individuals in need.

4. Turn your crafting skills into a profitable venture by selling handmade crafts online.

5. Invoke the chef in you and offer Thanksgiving catering services for local events or gatherings.

6. Sign up and participate in paid surveys to earn money during your free time.

7. If you are comfortable, rent out your home or spare room for holiday travelers.

8. Offer pet-sitting services for those traveling during Thanksgiving.

9. You can sign up at platforms to become a delivery driver for holiday orders.

10. Declutter your closet or storeroom and make money by selling unused items online.

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