10 best must-buy Trader Joe's groceries to buy for Thanksgiving


1. Stuffing seasoned Kettle chips are a perfect snack for craving savory saltiness on Thanksgiving.

2. Try Cranberry Chevre - tangy, fresh goat cheese rolled in sweet dried cranberries for a sweet bite.

3. Cornbread stuffing mix has a herby flavor and is a cornbread version of the Turkey Day classic.

4. Mix your coffee routine with a blend of maple syrup from the Autumn Maple coffee.

5. Enrich your pumpkin pie with the special pumpkin spice, ideal for fall food and drinks.

6. Keep kids entertained by turning turkey walks with a pumpkin patch cookie kit.

7. Serve the frozen dessert rustic apple tarte as a Thanksgiving treat for your guest.

8. The almond Danish kringle is a sweet and flavored almond paired with a flaky croissant-like dough.

9. Spiced cider with cinnamon, cloves, orange oil, and lemon peel combined makes for a perfect drink.

10. Stock up on Honeycrisp apple candles to add a touch to the season.

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