10 most popular Thanksgiving dishes to serve and their cost


1. A Thanksgiving holiday without Turkey is hard to imagine. It may cost $1.50 - $3.00 per pound.

2. Mashed potatoes are an essential element on the dinner table. It costs roughly $5 - $8 for a 5-pound bag.

3. Keep it classic with a creamy green bean casserole with ingredients costing $10 - $15.

4. Add sweetness to your feast with sweet potatoes costing around $5 - $10 for sweet potatoes.

5. Enjoy the richness of cranberry sauce with just $2 - $4 for a can of fresh berries.

6. For a perfect fall holiday treat, spend around $5 - $10 for a pre-made pumpkin pie.

7. Stuff your turkey with your favorite ingredients by spending around $10 - $15.

8. Your favorite Mac and cheese ingredients will cost you about $8 - $12.

9. The center part that bridges your feast is the gravy. Ingredients will cost about $5 - $8.

10. If you plan on making the Pecan Pie, you can buy ingredients for about $10 - $15.

Know that the costs of these ingredients will vary depending on location and quality.

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