10 tips to survive meeting your family this Thanksgiving


If you’re stressed about meeting family on Thanksgiving, here are 10 tips to last the get-together.

1. Choose your seat wisely so you’re comfortable and don’t have to make to much eye contact.

2. When tension or anxiety rises, practice deep breathing to stay calm and composed.

3. Engage in positive conversations. Talk about your travel and share photos to keep it lighthearted.

4. Expect disagreements and small conflicts. Be prepared to handle them gracefully.

5. Give older family members the spotlight. Their stories and experiences can enrich the gathering.

6. If you arrive early, lend a hand in the kitchen to bond with family members.

7. Prioritize self-care before the gathering. Get enough rest, eat well, and pamper yourself.

8. Politely deflect discussions that make you uneasy to keep it pleasant for everyone.

9. Plan activities for the children, fostering an inclusive atmosphere for all ages.

10. Learn to ignore comments that might be hurtful or unnecessary. Focus on the celebration.

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