9 lessons other artists can learn from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour


Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has been a phenomenal success, breaking records worldwide.

Here are nine key takeaways that artists can learn from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour:

1. Artists learned to be flexible with their schedules to maintain engagement from the tour's success.

2. Location doesn’t matter. Believe that fans will come to see you no matter how far.

3. Celebrate yourself. If the artist has a deep discography, they should lean into it

4. Utilise storytelling. Swift's songwriting is renowned for its evocative storytelling.

5. Pay attention to detail and production values: The eras tour boasts meticulous values.

6. Go viral. The tour  generated numerous viral moments that have spotlighted the tour.

7. Show appreciation. Swift has publicly thanked and rewarded her tour crew.

8. Celebrate fans support. Swift's dedication to her fans is a key factor in her success.

9. Connection is important. Swift's deep connection with fans is evident in the tour.

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