Did Lady Gaga date Bradley Cooper? Timeline and net worth


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been incredibly close after working together in ‘A Star Is Born’.

The connection between the two is evident, even sparking romance rumors.

The speculation about their relationship arose due to their on-screen chemistry in the film.

And their intimate performance of the song ‘Shallow’ at various events, including the 2019 Academy Awards.

While Cooper earned $39.9 million from the film, Gaga earned between $5 million to $10 million.

They both have spoken highly about each other, but insisted they were only good friends.

Cooper, who will be seen in the Netflix film ‘Maestro’, is worth a whopping $120 million.

Lady Gaga, who will be seen in 'Joker: Folie à Deux', is worth $320 million.

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