How long does a cold last? 7 tips to help get rid of a cold fast


How long does a cold last? Most colds go away in 7-10 days and don’t usually become serious.

It can be irritating to keep sneezing and wiping a runny nose. Here are 7 ways to get rid of cold faster.

1. Taking Vitamin C supplements will reduce the duration of colds and lessen severity.

2. Zinc works well with cold. When you start developing the first symptoms, take zinc lozenges.

3. Herbal supplement Echinacea may slightly reduce the chance of developing a cold.

4. Black elderberry syrup has been a traditional remedy to fight winter colds.

5. Beetroot juice helps in protecting your body against respiratory infections.

6. Your gut can affect your immune system. Eat foods rich in probiotics to stay healthy.

7. Use a nasal rinse to clear your sinuses and relieve symptoms of the common cold.

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